Online Centres for atheists - Wot? Where?


Anyone know any good chat rooms for atheists or the like-minded e.g scientists/mathematicians? for chatting a lot and getting into discussions.

This forum is good but not the same as a chatroom of course.

I’ve used the Discord app in the past, and I have WhatsApp and the Telegram app. I’m not sure how to go about finding any of the good groups?

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Though we call it a Forum. If you can find a better one, let me know.

One thing to keep in mind a chat room or forum, is sort of like democracy,
it requires informed engaged people to thrive. Can you help?

We’d love to hear your thoughts, start a thread on your own project or idea, or question, or that new pet you got, or geology, we’re not picky.

Welcome, Peter (Cc)

Hi Peter,

For sure, I’ll keep with this forum, thanks for your advice.

Suppose I want to see if anyone know much about data analysis or using MS Excel - its a bit of an off-beat subject but the chat might help someone else in their endeavours of science for example, or if I have a project like working out the best way to see how much gas and electricity I can save using MS Excel for example then should I start the conversation in the General category? or would the Science and Technology category be more suited?


Okay, I get it. Yeah, we’re more a discussion and argue about ideas forum,
and you’re looking for something more technical, mathematical, rigorous it seems.

I’ll have to bow out, perhaps…

Yo, Write4U, might you have a suggestion?

(He’s the serious math loving dude around here)

matioesperante have anything specifics you were working on, that you can share? That might catch his interest.

Happy Winter Solstice

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I participated in an stackexchange for atheism years ago. It was in beta and it shut down after about 6 months, too much arguing. SE is designed to get the best answers to rise to the top, with up votes. And moderation is done by the people who get more up votes.

I’m sure there is one for excel

I used post at skepticforum. They have a lot topics, but it’s devolved. Just a few users who are not experts at anything.

OnlySky is a new network, with quality articles. I haven’t done much chat there. It’s not a Q&A format.j

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Yes, sorry I just now ran across this.

I think we have already touched on the mathematical nature of nature and how even the simplest organisms use mathematics in solving survival problems.

Natural selection helps a great deal as it almost always favors mathematically sound processes, because they cease to be random when applied regularly. Then they become an axiomatic part of reality.

The interesting part is that a purely mathematical universe may appear intelligent in value processing and relational behaviors.

But it is a quasi-intelligent and rests only on the physical logic of relational and interactive forces.