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Hi. I am a biotechnolgist researchonf recombinant DNA technology for vaccine, drug and homone large scale production. I am also a strong political activist of the anarchism persuasion. Not sure how to engage on converstion here as there doesnt seem to be much conversation in these areas. Safe topics seem to be the go.


As a moderator, I’d say moderation is very fair, we give warnings and allow people time to adjust. We try to keep an eye out for spam. Sometimes the automatic filter will knock out a post, you might want to wait a few posts before putting in a web link. We don’t have a lot of regulars, a lull can look like a whole day with nothing. But we can get lively. Thanks for taking a look.

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I am also a strong political activist of the anarchism persuasion

In a natural world which is governed by extraordinary rules that have been responsible for the evolution of the most incredible and beautiful natural phenomena from a chaotic beginning, why would you want to return to a state of chaos?

Not that you could, but … just the thought of anarchy is disturbing.

Anarchy is a great concept for those sitting in Starbucks drinking their $6 latte while posting from their $6000 custom-made Alienware laptop.

@johncitizen, don’t pay too much heed to mitch70, he likes to start fights.

Then just BAN me if you really believe that.

Be honest for one minute in your life.

Ban me now!

okay then. have a nice day

And he only got 1/2 of what he wanted. Just 1/2. Not bad because some don’t get what they want at all. I told him I wasn’t going to ban him. lol