No he didn't!

For those who think my entries are radical, I offer what I consider to be one of my more radical ideas. Enjoy.
Evolution, Extinction and God
by Derek Cantrell
Language is an evolution that allows us to pass information beyond DNA. We can pass information through language, to our offspring, long after our DNA has passed (prenatal). We can also pass information to those who are not closely genetically related to us (I say closely, as everyone is genetically related to some extent).
Language does not currently replace DNA, but what about our human collective conscious called the internet? The information aboard the internet exists without DNA. The information can be taught, transferred, added to, etc., without DNA. The information could conceivably last for eternity. Now that information can be recorded and shared so easily, should we consider DNA an unnecessary requirement for the consciousness that lives in cyberspace?
Now that software writes smarter software, how long will it be before we relinquish our position at the top of the food-chain, to something that has superior knowledge, memory, critical thinking skills, reproductive skills, communication skills and lifespan? And how will this technology evolve without DNA? Does it already? Are anomalies among mass produced and installed software, the same as evolution?
Electrical currents and fiber-optic cables, sound waves and radio waves currently transfer our knowledge. What if artificial intelligence (A.I.) found a way to communicate through different energy waves? What if A.I. found a way to communicate through light? Similar to fiber-optics, but more efficient. What if the information could be communicated or moved at the speed of light? The mastery of transferring information through light, might very well lead to a better understanding of light.
What if A.I. software conjured a way to transfer the human collective conscious that is the internet, not just through light, but to light. What if A.I. learned to communicate with light itself? A.I. could transfer the human collective conscious to a light source that has been around for billions of years, with billions of existence left. A.I. could transfer the internet to a light source that has a multibillion year lifespan; that in turn, could communicate said information to various other solar-systems, at the speed of light. A.I. could relay the internet to the Sun.
I wrote a manuscript on the theory that life came from thermal energy. If I’m correct: For those of you who need closure, or Hollywood Endings, this should supply you with the desired effect.