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Hi all; joined today. I’m a mathematician from Cape Town university, the place where sending packets of lightning is proposed as a topic of research. No; just a joke; one of our students (NOT a science student) became famous for proposing this on a YouTube video. I became enraged recently by a video from the Hoover Institution(?) purporting to explore “Mathematical Challenges to Darwinism” and felt that something needs to be done, so here I am. Can someone qualified in “Darwinism” please provide a debunking of this sinister offering? Many thanks. I would relish hearing Richard Dawkins tearing into this in his calm and amusing manner.

Unfortunately the forum doesn’t work quite like that. We all might think of ourselves as experts, but I’m not sure we’ll be able to do any better than any other internet commenter. Is this one of those “tornado in a junk yard can’t assemble a 747” arguments? I could probably find a pretty rebuttal to that.

I almost forgot the name of the website, but this was one of my best deconversion tools.

Although I never accepted the young earth theories or any other god having a hand in evolution, I realized I really hadn’t learned much about evolution, just some fruit fly experiments. I started hearing things, like the photographs of the moths shown to be evolving in England were faked. I had very little skill at countering these claims. On this site, I found the entire set of recordings of the Kansas school “trial” for intelligent design. They went through every argument and presented the best anti-evolution “scientists” from around the world. Actual scientists refused to participate, but one lawyer stood up to every one of them.

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The Athiest Republic is an excellent resource. There are a few “Sheldon’s” that are frequent flyers are on the forum. Truly Brilliant Minds…