I decided to join as I need an outlet for all the discussions you can’t get on nearly every other chat forum on the net. The Guardian comments section is about the only other place I can find intelligent debate. But that’s about it.
I’m a near-lifelong atheist, always had an enquiring mind. I discovered Santa Claus wasn’t real when I was very young, by counting the number of oranges in the fridge Christmas eve, then counting the number again on Christmas day, and then comparing the amount to the number found in my Christmas stocking.
Don’t remember what made me stop believing in God, but I believe it was probably due to a complete lack of evidence.

I haven’t take the time to say hello. Welcome to the forum. I’ve enjoyed your comments.
I hope to read a lot more from you in future comments and threads.
I wish you a happy new year !

Whatever your reason/s for ruling out the God Hypothesis, I’m sure your methodology was as sound as that for ruling out Santa Claus. Anyway, welcome!