Hello fellow Skeptics!

Just stopping by to introduce myself…got hooked on CSICOP and CSH back in the 80’s by a friend who was involved in the Humanist Association in Toronto, ON. Went to the 20th anniversary of CSICOP event (got the mug to prove it) and have tried to stay current with the issues over the years in spite of my works ever increasing demands upon my time.
Nice to be back on board thanks to the miracle invented by Al Gore! :wink:

Hello and welcome.
Did you get involved in the subjects of the Creation vs. Evolution battle?
If you missed it, some of it is still around.

AFAICT it never ended for the believers of Creationism.

Welcome to the forums. I’d invite you to jump in and join the conversations but I see you’ve already done that. I look forward to your contributions.

Take care,

But Al Gore didn’t … Oh, I see the knowing wink smiley, welcome back and join in! Seems to me I remember another Toronto guy around here somewhere?
Cap’t Jack


That discussion might fit better in the CFI Canada subforum at the end of these, Scott.

Welcome, fellow Canadian. Although I don't think it is a big enough deal to grant any real credit to, what do you think of Justin Trudeau's attempts at presenting accountability and honesty through publicly declaring all Liberal members to list online their public accounting?
I don't think about Justin Trudeau...and I don't think this is a thread about politics. Just sayin'?


Nice to meet you too.?
And you as well fellow beaver lover. ;-)