Needing information in a database format/listing/csv

I need to gather information from a geographical map with all the cities and streets in Italy and need some help on how to access these records. Hey. Sorry to interrupt but I will be grateful for any help.

Maybe, I will try to ask my friend for help.

The ‘format’ of an open dataset refers to the way in which the data is … and formats, and why CSV is a good starting point for most tabular open data. … Using open data as a way for staff to access information inside an organization has many benefits: … Other data may need to be published as live feeds to make sure it stays …
Data tables are presented in Comma Delimited, CSV text file format. … If you don’t have access to either a spreadsheet or a database application, you can … use your browser’s Search key to locate key information that you are looking for. kigurumi tiger… The key file import options and their associated values are listed in the table below.