Need Complete Details On Cloud Storage

Hello friends. How are you? This is my first post to this forum. Today I am posting this for an inquiry. For some special reason, I want to know details about different cloud storage. Guys, I am not an expert in this matter. Can you provide any suggestions for this?

This is a forum for inquiries into science. A lot of time its people asking about science conspiracies and religion. Definitely not a place for computer technical questions though. Someone might answer anyway, so I’ll just leaves this up.

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I stayed away from opening this thread because I thought it was another spam attack. Lausten responding made a difference and I had to take a peek. Thank you for not being a spammer and welcome to the CFI Forum.

I’m the last person to be able to help you with that, but I do know where you can get closer to answers than over here.

Hello. I am not an expert in this subject. But I can help you with this. Just follow here. Hare, you can find complete details on Cloud storage.

Cloud storage is where your info is stored somehow on some kind of computer somewhere operated by someone. It is very unlikely that you will ever be able to determine the kind of computer, the storage method, where the machine is actualy located or who actually operates the system. As long as you can get to your stored info, it really shouldn’t matter who, where and how it is kept.

You should recognize that nothing placed on any system accessed via the internet is safe from unauthorized access. You should also know that while nothing placed on the internet is ever completely deleted (so it is said) your ability to access it may be compromised. And, of course, as the technology evolves, your info may be stored on a device or in a form that is not accessable by currently available devices. For example, there is supposedly a mountain of info stored on IBM-type punch cards that is not accessable because there is no operable punch card reader anywhere in the world.

The only way to have a good chance of maintaining your info and keeping it safe is to keep two physical copies, each in a different physical location, with access to both is controlled by you. Such physical copies should be written or printed so that the info can be read by human eyes without resort to electronic devices.

Cloud computing is basically a return to the early days of computing where the computer attended by technicians was housed in a temperature conntrolled room and access to the computer was by remote so-called “dumb” terminals. There are several reasons that model is seen as better today including security and cost. Of course, when the security fails, as it ultimately will, the consequences are more dramatic. Best to limit computing, in whatever form, to use as a tool and not a lifestyle.

True Dat.
Oh and, lets not forget the potential for (how shall we phrase this) unintended power failures and other Acts of God interruptions.

Aren’t you proud of me, I kept AGW out of it.

What is AGW? Haven’t had my second cup yet.

Funny how that term has been cleansed from media and the social mind set.
Anthropogenic Global Warming.

It’s what we called global warming back when honesty was still valued in this country.

What’s it mean?

American Scientist, July 1956

PS. Watch: Television Show Cautioned Viewers About Climate Change … in 1958

It’s elementary my dear.

I didn’t really notice, but I think it has gone out of favor. On NPR, I think it was Science Friday, there was a new term. The guy was saying that data is more granular now, so “climate” is not enough. They had been focusing on the air and atmosphere, but now they have more data on the dirt, the plants, or the asphalt, or whatever is there. I think it was “planetary change” or something like that.

You can pay to specify certain criteria for your storage. More likely in a business scenario than personal.

Some data is not allowed to leave the US
Some data is not allowed to get to specific other countries
You can buy guarantees that the data is replicated to another regional site, and readily available.

Same story goes for cloud computing.
It’s all a matter of how much you want to pay.
Cloud is usually not cheaper than on-prem.
The “Off-site” or sometimes called Co-Lo (co-location) scenario works for companies that don’t have the money, desire or expertise in maintaining the needs of a datacenter (redundant power, hvac, security) The “Co-Lo” companies specialize in providing that stuff.

I store all business data and music on a remote HD and at end of the day I unplug the HD.
I only keep the OS and apps on main computer. Fast BU (stored on HD).

Nothing is safer than a total disconnect. HDs with terrabytes of storage are cheap and easy to use. Keeping it simple is always the best way.

And it is easy to transport for hook-up to any computer. And nobody is going to borrow it for a weekend and never return it as happens with disks or sticks.

Yes, well I reckon that’s because in general people are too stupid (excuse me, too disconnected) to figure out that changing our planet’s temperature will cause radical changes to all the systems that are temperature dependent.

Though that leaves people to figure out for themselves what all in our lives is temperature dependent.

That’s why I’ve been supplementing the “Climate” with:

Our Global Heat and Moisture Distribution Engine

Been peddling that term for over a decade, still no takers.

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