Anyone here fluent in GoogleDocs?

Hello, I’m in a situation where i need to use GoogleDoc a more and more and I’ll tell you, it’s file displaying front end is the most hideous thing I’ve had to deal with. Yeah, yeah I’m a dinosaur, still I gotta figure out how to tame the beast. I know a lot current madness is my learning curve, but who designed the display of files and names a sadist?

Is anyone here familiar with GoogleDoc?

>>> If so, is there anyway to change the File Display, into a readable format, list?

Your help would be appreciated.


:- )

My blind spots have something to do with it, but damned if those main group files don’t capaciously appear and disappear on me. I mean I’m freaking working with a bunch of files one night and the next I can’t even find the folder. Gonna drive me to drinking.