Obfuscation and data redundancy help

I do some amateur programming (C#) and am looking at modifying one of my favorite projects to switch from storing data in data pairs (field name = field data in the registry) to an obfuscated data stream (also in the registry). While I’m at it I’m considering adding data redundancy to the data stream. But that, I know nothing about.

If anyone has any programming or, especially, mathematical expertise which would be helpful I would greatly appreciate some tips. As it stands right now I’m at a standstill. My brain simply will not decide on even the most basic structure for this data stream until I know a little more about what I can do for redundancy.

Sorry, VB.Net is my high point. I took a C class, but never applied it. It’s too late for me to be discovering whole new platforms.

I admire your skill set Widdershins, but it is nowhere a part of my repertoire. So I am of no help.