No issue or complaint - formatting, 'strikethrough'?

Hello getting used to the new lay out, thanks for all the work you folks put into it, all things considered I’ll give my thumbs up.

I’m wondering is there a code for striking through a word or sentence?

Might be a nice feature especially considering the long edit grace period we’re being given.

Some HTML commands are accepted. Some are not.

Now the tricking part, showing you the HTML, without the program interpreting it. HTML codes go inside brackets like these <> and end with </>. b for bold is one that is given to you in the edit menu. s for strikethrough is one you have to know, or lookup.

I can show you the codes by wrapping in back ticks
<s>put your strikethrough text here</s>

And this software has it’s own quirks, so best to look it up here.

When I said backticks, I mean the ones that slant back like this: ` but that’s just when you are showing someone else how to HTML code. TMI.

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