My name is Nandip from Nigeria

  1. Hello everyone, my name is Nandip Andrew from Nigeria, a member of board of trustees of Humanist Association of Nigeria and also a board of trustees of Atheist Society of Nigeria. I am new here, I will be very happy to learn new things here.

Cool. Welcome

Welcome Nandip, We’d love to learn some things from you too.

How many members does Humanist Association of Nigeria have? How big a challenge is it being a Humanist and free thinker in Nigeria?


I’m assuming that there aren’t a lot of people identifying as non-believers or atheists in Nigeria. Am I right?

Welcome Nandip!

Thank you all for the welcome messages. I am very happy to be here, I have been an atheist for 8 years and the challenge is great.

We have over 139 members in the organization, over 80% of this numbers are in closet, meaning, they are not open as atheist, they either go to church or mosque because of fear of their family, friends and love once. The organization major challenge was members are not active to move the organization to a proper position. Lack of fund is another thing that hinder our message across, like through local news paper, Radio and Television. I hope to learn more here.

Thank you all.