Hello from Mason, MI

Hi, everyone! My name is Eric, and I am new here. I am a married, father of 4, atheist, humanist, special education teacher. I am active politically, and enjoy reading, playing guitar, motorcycling/bicycling, and attempting to SOMEDAY get the last word, in a “discussion,” with my wife! :slight_smile:
A decade ago, when we lived in the Flint area, I was co-founder of the Greater Flint Atheists and Humanists organization. We were the “go-to” guys whenever the local paper (Flint Journal) needed an opinion contra to the MANY religious ones, in articles. We organized monthly meet-up events, some charity events, and once erected a
section of wooden fence, on the Flint/Genesee Co courthouse lawn, a wall of “separation of church and state,” between the courthouse and the nativity scene. We also had fun distributing copies of the excellent documentary, The God Who Wasn’t There, to interested parties (whether they were aware that they were initially interested, or not! (we hid them in some church lawns, before their scheduled Easter egg hunts!))
Identifying as an atheist just tells the world the one thing I DON’T believe in (god(s) and/or the supernatural,) but the term “Humanist” accurately details the ideals that I DO believe in. In our area, I am probably the only “out” atheist/humanist that many people (coworkers and families of our students) know, in person. I take seriously the responsibility that entails, and I try to set a good CONTRA-example to the negative stereotypes that “our kind” are typically identified with.
Looking forward to getting to know as many of you as I can.

Welcome, Eric. Sounds like you’ll be a valuable addition to our community.

Wow, Eric, great background. You’ll like it here. Welcome.
Are you aware of this group?