Hello From England

Dear all those out there who have a mind of their own,

I was christened a methodist. I was brought up as a christian. Even in elementary school I was made to stay back & recite the lords prayer, because I would refuse to do it in front of the other kids at the end of school. Which even at 6 years old really pissed me off.

My mind has always searched for why we are here, and also what is the purpose of our existence. Religion only causes conflict, science, and understanding of the universe only causes more questions that we need to explore. So we can work together to understand the workings of the universe, and beyond.

I know most of the events, are over in the US, so I probably will never benefit from being a member, but I had to take a stand against all this religious crap.

I’m Bob, and very proud to be a member of the CFI.

Kind Regards


Hey Bob. I’ll try to think in my English accent when I read your posts. We have a couple countries represented on this forum, although not so much activity lately.

Hello, Bob,

I’m new here as well. What part of England? I’m up on the Harrogate area.


Hello, I’m a new member as well.

I live in Chorley. I thought there will be some kind of CFI events in UK, but i’ve looked up and found nothing.

I’m polish and was raised as catholic. When i was 16 was very religious and started attending church meetings with my best friend’s mom('cos she herself couldn’t’t bother). Sometime later i’ve lost my faith. I started noticing all this ppl around me who were believers, going to church and then drinking, leaving, lying their wives, taking drugs…but every Sunday they had to attend mass. And now i just think Christmas are nice, 'cos they bring ppl together, bring some consolation and even make them forgive. But i also see that fakeness; not to mention all the suicide statistics, which shows that there is lots of 'em around this “special” time.

I was indoctrinated, raised in a country that was governed by church…and still is.

Now i don’t believe in god and am not scared.

Welcome Dagmara. Please, give us a good topic to start some lively conversation.