Hi..i am new here

I was raised by religious parents. People all around me were highly religious. As usual…i was asked to be that too.

Then, i was introduced to science. It becomes a part of my life. I started asking questions. For me, the fact that people can be influenced so easily by religion…was always shocking. In my culture, menstruation is considered something bad to discuss and women were isolated all the time. Something wrong happens to someone, people starts blaming on a particular person, as if he/she has satanic powers. People were killed for religion. Why?? Why…all these nonsense? But…when i asked my parents, they told me it is just, we have to follow cause our ancestors did so.

Thus, my questions were always unaswered. Nor even my teachers, friends…noone gave me a logical reason.

But, my curiosity never ceased. Then,at high school…i learned about Carl sagan and Richard Dawkins. I was fascinated by their words. They opened a new path for me.

Now, i am 19 years old…just graduated and fresh. I will start my journey by learning more about science. I am glad…i can be a part of such a loving community, who believes in science only.

( i am sorry if my english is bad. My main language is not english. But i am trying to make it better)

Great introduction. Carl Sagan was the person I was introduced to non-religious thinking through, as well. Now, Dawkins, Sam Harris and a bunch of others are on my list of thinkers who I admire.

Hopefully you are comfortable enough to ask questions, and respond to what others say.


Welcome. I hope you are somewhere, where you can believe as you see fit, without being persecuted for it.

Welcome to the forum.

There are quite a few atheists here. As far as I’m aware none of us came from atheist or free thinker backgrounds.

You’ll fit right in.


Pol Medhi,

Hello. I was raised by religious parents, too. I started questioning it as young as I can remember though. My first skeptic I found was Michael Shermer. He identifies as an agnostic, and that’s what I was for a few years until I read Dawkins’ The God Delusion, when I became an atheist. I’ve always had a philosophical and scientific mind, but I’m interested in the paranormal. Nice to meet you!



Jeffrey Ito. One question, Jeffrey, do you believe any god exists?