"My Baby Took My Baby Away" Bobby Bare Jr

I hate repetitive songs, I mean nothing worse that a song “writer” coming up with a fantastic interesting line, and then calling it good and repeating that same line for the next couple minutes flogging the cutie to death.

I have had discussions with a bro of mine, (who was a drummer with the legionary Black Honey band, outta Durango during the 2000s) and he doesn’t mind it and has argued with me that repetition can be beautiful and is a key to some music. So okay, my “hatred” has lost its moral indignation at lazy wordsmithing, and has been reduced to an old man’s grumbling about poop he don’t like. Suck it up old guy.

Okay, but that’s not what this thread is about.

Yesterday I’m driving home, for the last ten miles before my turn, was torrential down pour of the type where you’d better slow down or your vehicles is going to start skiing on the water that’s accumulated on the road, cause it isn’t running off fast enough. Not to mention diminishing visibility and wind gusts.

Just before my turn we come out of the downpour, then by the time I get to my turn, dang if the dirt is barely wet, so a heck of down burst behind me, I can see another one a few miles off, but around our “ranch” (more a faded memory than a real ranch anymore) nothing. And we need the water.
Now that’s even more irritating than a repetitive song and I was fussing since I’d recently purchased four used 55gal honey barrels for more water catchment capacity.

Then in the middle of my fretting, I hear these words slowly creeping into my consciousness, *My baby took my baby away with his little bitty nose and scrunched up face, … "

What? - He ain’t got no job, and he don’t pay no rent, he just lays there giggling with slobber running all over his chin, … You say his round belly is so fine, then you turn around and make fun of mine, …
and so on.

I forgot about the cloud bursts and was bopping and laughing and even a tear or two crept into the action. Now that’s music at it’s finest, and for me what music is all about.

With no further ado:

“My Baby Took My Baby Away”

Bobby Bare Jr. live @ Grey Eagle, Asheville, NC 9.14.2012
Courtesy of, Thatbeat1974


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