Kid Rock New Song

Anybody seen this yet? Weird Al tweeted that he did not make this video, that it is not a parody.

I thought the end rhyme scheme with the occasional internal rhyme was a bit elementary, but perhaps that was intended to reflect the “everyman” he was portraying. Using rap in a video that lacks diversity is also a risky choice, so, did he employ that effectively? The salute to Elon Musk may have been the kicker. He honors the capitalist system, with winners and losers, and puts himself above the rest. At the same time, he is the aging male in a basement somewhere, pumping himself up by putting down those who are out there simply participating in their best life. It can be hard to tell when sarcasm is employed in this video. He denigrates those who signal their virtues while sending a strong signal to those who will continue to bankroll him that he will send any signal they want.

The wall of screens in the opening is a nod to MTV, or perhaps a comment on the deterioration of society due to an overdose of media. The video could have been made by an AI computer, mixing a thousand videos from the era of Kid’s early years. Most of the lyrics were unambiguous, except perhaps “AIN’T NOTHIN NEW RIGHT CHURCH WRONG PEW”, which could have been thrown in because he needed something to rhyme with “YOU” which comes after, you know, the word most used throughout.

The dog with sunglasses was also cute.

Was that commissioned for a trump rally?

If it was 1999 a new track from Kid Rock would be relevant, but it’s not so who cares.

Guy, what is it? Are you proud, it’s all old news to you, while the silly sleepy lazy lefties are trying to catch up on what just happened to this country? But, I’m guessing here, it might feel as invigorating for you, as the smell of napalm in the morning?

That obnoxious jerk, with his head full of bling & ego runamok, is too perfect a mirror on who we are becoming to dismiss so casually.

Being filthy rich and being an ass hole towards everyone and everything else, is that the new American ideal @thatoneguy?

The kind of image Kid Rock portrays peaked in music when broadband internet was a new thing. Late 90s-early 00s.

Pop culture has moved on from that but you and Lausten are frankly too old to know this stuff.

How can I be to old to know something from the past?

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Like the guy who was so tall he needed a ladder to get into his pants in the morning. :slight_smile:

Yeah, now it’s become the Right Wing’s default mindset.

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You beat me to it.

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The Right’s mindset is far worse.

Depends how far in the past and how old you are.