Mueller's RICO approach to investigating trump treason

Robert Mueller is treating the entire trump administration as a criminal organization which is appropriate because under the US Constitution that is exactly what it is.
He’s going after the lower level capos and then turning them to get more evidence to move higher up the chain the whole while collecting all the incriminating evidence he can. Like the trump transition team emails which were on .gov accounts and as such were completely open to law enforcement investigation as trump staff were told from the start. They claimed that Mueller broke the law in trying to investigate their criminal racket which says everything we need to know about trump and those around him. As if we needed that after all the highly dubious, often abusive and now likely highly criminal actions by trump and those near him.

The charge, which Flynn pleaded guilty to on Friday morning, related to an interview FBI agents conducted with him on January 24, 2017, just days after President Donald Trump took office and he began serving as his top national security aide. According to the charging document, Flynn made false statements to the FBI about his contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislayk during the transition period about whether Trump would be willing to lift sanctions the outgoing Obama administration had slapped onto Moscow. The news is in part significant because, after previous charges against three former Trump campaign aides, this is the first against a person who actually served in the Trump administration. But the biggest consequence for the larger investigation is that it appears that Flynn has flipped, and will begin providing information that could incriminate other associates of President Trump in the Russia scandal or related matters. That could theoretically include Trump himself; ABC News reported Friday that Flynn feels “abandoned" by Trump and is prepared to testify that the president had explicitly ordered him to talk to the Russians.
trump is in control of his administration and was in control of his campaign. The people who were breaking the law by working with the Russian government to undermine the legitimate process of election in the US did it in his name under his orders. trump has nowhere to go as Mueller's net closes in on him...