The republicans idiotic argument of why to fire Robert Mueller

It goes like this, “Robert Mueller and his investigation into the links between the trump campaign and Russian interference in the last election present a clear threat to the president of the United States.”
Totally ignoring the fact that the only threat that Robert Mueller presents to the trump “presidency” is if in fact trump and his people knowingly worked with the Russian government to illegally subvert a legal US General Election. If trump and his people did nothing then there is no evidence that Mueller can present to the DOJ and Congress for any appropriate legal action. But there are already members of the trump “administration” like Mike Flynn that have pleaded guilty to crimes that are connected with the trump campaign and the Russian government who wanted trump elected so that punishing US sanctions against Russia could be repealed.
One of the first things that Mike Flynn did on learning of the new sanctions imposed on Russia by the Obama administration was to call the Russian ambassador five times in one day, quite likely to work out details on how trump would repeal them as soon as he took office. Something that Flynn then lied to the FBI about, a felony. And something he now says he did on the orders of trump. There’s a link. Or members of trump’s campaign who met with Russian officials during the last election with the express purpose of acquiring material they knew the Russians had stolen from the DNC, another felony.
Then there’s the Steele file, repeated cases of trump staffers failing to disclose intimate and often highly profitable relationships with the Russian government and those close to it.
There’s more than enough grounds for a criminal investigation into the connections between Donald Trump and the Putin government, including trump himself on air openly asking the Russian government to release stolen DNC material to aid his campaign for president.
And there is clearly a need for a special prosecutor on this case because Donald Trump explicitly fired the Director of the FBI to block a criminal investigation into any collusion between trump and Putin to “win” the 2016 election.
The reason that the republicans argument to fire Mueller is idiotic because it implicitly condones treason at the highest level of government. They are in fact saying that being a republican has a higher authority than the US Constitution, they are in effect saying that the law no longer applies to republicans.

Let’s look at a timeline of why there even needs to be an investigation of trump and collusion with Russia.

  • US intelligence services begin to detect Russian hacks on American political parties in early 2016.
  • They warn all presidential candidates of this threat in mid 2016, this was before trump was even selected as the GOP runner.
  • US intelligence would be fully aware of people in the trump campaign who were heavily involved with Russia including Paul Manafort, Mike Flynn and trump himself.
  • They also would have been fully aware of the trump campaign team meeting with Russians close to the Kremlin with the aim of getting materials stolen from the DNC that could be used against the Democrats in the upcoming November election. trump Jr. said as much in an email.
  • trump himself went on air and asked Russian intelligence to release materials it had stolen from the DNC, something trump would have know about for months due to the briefings that all candidates have been given.
    After the election:
  • One of the first things that trump did was have Flynn contact Kislyak to coordinate how they would deal with the new sanctions that Obama had just imposed on Russia for hacking the DNC and releasing material that helped fracture the party and put trump in the Oval Office. Flynn calling Kislyak five times on that day did not go unnoticed by the NSA, which was doing its job. Flynn then lied to the FBI over this resulting in his firing and even more evidence of a trump-Putin link.
  • trump on taking office immediately looked at how to repeal the US sanctions against Russia, forcing his own party in Congress to pass a bill to block this.
  • trump fires Comey over his investigation into all of this and almost certainly far more than we are aware of. Then bragged about it to Russian government officials the next day.
    And now they’re going after Mueller not because there is no basis for an investigation and a clear and present threat to the US . But because billionaires now own US government, trump just passed their “relief” bill and they don’t want to lose control of the country. Even if it means turning it over to Vladimir Putin.
    The GOP is now the most idiotic political movement the US has ever had…

So basically what the US republican party is saying they don’t want trump impeached or even investigated because of the harm it may do to the billionaires who now own the party like the Koch brothers.

I have not seen or heard of any legitimate reason to fire him. But remember, Tricky Dickey firing those investigating Watergate probably brought him down so low he could not rebound.

I have not seen or heard of any legitimate reason to fire him. But remember, Tricky Dickey firing those investigating Watergate probably brought him down so low he could not rebound.
I thought it was the guys at the Post following the trail of money that nailed Nixon. There's even more evidence and a much bigger interest to nail trump, I think it's amazing that the FBI is even on this case. During Nixon's time the whole US intelligence apparatus was co-opted to working for the Nixon White House. Which was why Mark Felt worked as a mole for the Post from within the FBI. If trump fires Mueller and there is no real investigation and eventually a satisfactory resolution to this scandal that will be the equivalent of a coup of legal authority in the US.

They won’t need a legitimate reason to fire him. Any cooked up reason will do. I only hope that Mueller is making copies of everything he discovers so he can write a book and be interviewed by all media about what he discovered and was stopped from using.

Hell of an interview, well hell of a topic, and Mueller seems to be a hell of a guy.
Someone with real mettle, I recommend this eye opening interview

Mueller's Reputation In Washington Is 'Stunningly Bipartisan,' Journalist Says February 1, 20181:31 PM ET Heard on Fresh Air As the investigation into the Trump campaign and Russian interference in the 2016 election forges on, Robert Mueller, the Justice Department special counsel leading the investigation, has managed to stay largely out of public view. Journalist Garrett Graff says that is in keeping with Mueller's personality:
"This is not someone who in any way has tried to grab the spotlight, but instead has kept his head down and worked hard throughout his career."
Graff's 2011 book, The Threat Matrix], explores the transformation of the FBI under Mueller's leadership. Appointed by President George W. Bush, Mueller took over as director of the FBI one week before the Sept. 11 attacks. After Mueller completed his 10-year term as FBI director, President Barack Obama reappointed him for a two-year term, which required a special act of Congress. "Bob Mueller is probably about as apolitical and nonpartisan a figure as you could find in Washington, particularly at the levels of government in which he has served," Graff says. "This is someone who really, truly believes in truth, justice [and] in the American way, in a way that very few people in American life today anymore do." …

Here’s another interesting revealing story about who Mueller is. Nice to know people like him still exist. Wish we had more of them.

Mueller and Trump: Born to wealth, raised to lead. Then, sharply different choices. By Marc Fisher and Sari Horwitz February 23 They are the sons of wealth, brought up in families accustomed to power. They were raised to show and demand respect, and they were raised to lead. They rose to positions of enormous authority, the president of the United States and the special counsel chosen to investigate him. They dress more formally than most of those around them; both sport meticulously coifed hair. They have won unusual loyalty from those who believe in them. They attended elite all-male private schools, were accomplished high school athletes and went on to Ivy League colleges. As young men, each was deeply affected by the death of a man he admired greatly. Yet Robert Swan Mueller III and Donald John Trump, born 22 months apart in New York City, also can seem to come from different planets. ...