Just who were they working for?

This idea that because Comey didn’t come right out and say that Trump himself was under investigation doesn’t mean the investigation is over. It would be like saying that because you can’t link 12 hitmen directly back to their Don right at that moment that he’s innocent of putting hits out on people.
The investigation is into whether or not the Trump campaign was guilty of working with the Russian government to steal the last election. Trump himself was the candidate, it was done on his behalf by people who worked directly for him. There is plenty of evidence that Trump staff had extensive contacts with the Russians during the last election and beyond. Flynn was forced out as national security advisor because apparently he was more concerned about the security of Putin’s Russia than America. He wasn’t doing that on his own, it was part of an overall campaign to serve the interests of the Russian government through Donald Trump, not provide America with a legally elected government that would uphold the US Constitution and work in the interests of Americans.
This is just getting started, Trump and his people are going to be doing a dance that will only get more frantic as multiple agencies and individuals provide more and more information. They’ll be like a bead of water on a hot skillet they’ve told so many lies they need to cover.
http:// www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/chapman/ ct-trump-russia-putin-collusion-chapman-perspec-20170621-column.html

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., asked, "Do you think Donald Trump colluded with Russia?" Comey replied, "It's a question I don't think I should answer in an open setting." Some exoneration. If Trump has not been directly targeted in the investigation of Russian interference, that doesn't mean he won't be. The possible director of a conspiracy is not necessarily the first to be investigated. More commonly, lower-level people are questioned first so evidence against higher-ups can be gathered. Each investigation follows its own timetable. Ken Starr's investigation of the Clintons took more than four years. The lack (so far as we know) of direct evidence implicating Trump hardly proves that he or his campaign didn't work with the Kremlin. He publicly invited Russia to hack into Hillary Clinton's emails, which was collusion in plain sight. People working for him had many contacts with Russian officials and businesspeople — at least 18 calls during the final seven months of the campaign, according to Reuters. What were they talking about? Ice hockey? Borscht recipes? A lot of evidence in criminal cases is circumstantial. It doesn't directly prove guilt but supports inferences of guilt. Trump's conduct offers a lot of evidence consistent with the theory that he was up to no good.
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