Marjorie Green et al

So this MTG moron posted another “gazpacho police” type tweet. And of course the responses were predictable in pointing out what an idiot she is. BUT, I think what those that replied don’t understand, and more generally what Dems/Liberals don’t understand, is that the Republicon party actually and truly values stupidity. So calling them stupid doesn’t make them feel bad or want to change their ways. It actually emboldens them. And I think too that’s why Trump is so popular - because of the very fact that he’s a moron. “Hey, Trump’s a moron, I’m a moron, so see, it’s not that bad being a moron, I like this guy, I can identify with him, maybe I’m not a loser, afterall Trump was the president”. That kinda thing.

I should say, the base values stupidity. And the lawmakers themselves value the stupidity of the base since that just makes them that much more amenable to being duped, led around by the nose.