Dems will never learn or will they

Do you think any Dem political operatives will ask themselves “Gee Trump was indicated and his popularity and fundraising went up! Why is that?” And then instead of rolling their eyes and writing off all the dumb maganuts, try to actually understand how that can be, in a way that they can use for Dem candidates?

Well we were just informed what the results of Maga politics brings. Trump has been charged with 34 “felonies” in the way he conducted his presidency. Any conviction will show any wannabe Trump imitators what awaits them in the next election, not by how Democrats apply Maga politics , but by showing the penalties that await unconstitutional criminal Maga politics and behavior brings.

Listened to a little NPR today. I felt bad for them since almost nothing happened for 3 hours. One theme was that the indictment and the 2024 Republican nomination process are now tied together, and possibly the election. His Republican rivals have to figure out how to agree with Trump’s base that the justice system is corrupt, but somehow put themselves separate from Trump and use the charges to show he is not fit for office.

That’s their problem. The Democrats should not try to be populists. Obama and Biden were pretty boring candidates. Whoever runs can show that keeping a clean record and living a decent life still matter in politics.

Okay good ideas, but I’m not talking about politics per se. Wouldn’t you like to know what it is about trump that still, even after the indictment, attracts people to him? I mean here’s a moron, immoral, possibly to be jailed, and even then, people support him. An example, that prompted me to post - watched a documentary about Babe Ruth. He drank, was immoral, not too bright, and yet people absolutely adored him. Why? (And I don’t think it had anything to do with baseball)

I don’t think there is a formula. Trump didn’t even know what would happen, he just kept throwing out slogans until “build that wall” stuck. Trump was raised in Brooklyn before rich people isolated themselves in gated communities. He interacted with the working people there and genuinely related to them.

I believe, or maybe hope, that it’s not possible to pretend to relate to people who make one-millionth of what they do. The scariest thing is someone who is as evil as Trump and is lying about being a “regular” person with faults and bad habits.

But I think you identified it, and maybe it is a formula Dems could work with. Be a regular person, versus some smooth talking “intellectual” like Obama or Hillary. Clinton actually probably is best, but they just never seem to have people like that. Even Bernie and Warren come off as just-another-politician. They never answer questions directly (that I’ve seen) and just come off as I’m-better-than-you. Whereas Trump, even though it’s all a fake, at least he comes off as a regular schmuck. Even that John Fetterman came off great, IMO, for the simple fact that he appeared to dress like a regular person, not a “suit”.

AOC and a few like her might be the future of politicians. Making laws is complicating, so we still need well educated people doing it. Maybe if the education system wasn’t designed to be more accessible to the less affluent?

I believe Democrats might be learning.
Or at least the promise of more Extreme Right Wing terror has been getting people out to vote.

Notice what happened in Wisconsin yesterday?

Hayes: Why Trump’s indictment may not be a ‘political gift’

April 5, 2023 #msnbc #trump #indictment

Chris Hayes: “Since 2016, there is pretty good evidence that has accrued—maybe counterintuitively, but robust—that the more attention voters pay to Donald Trump, the less they like him.”