Marie Yovanovitch - Just who's government is it? Pompeo


10:35 intro, 12:05 listen to Pompeo refuse, with attitude, to answer questions about his job as an important public servant - (then go back to the beginning :wink: )


Rachel Maddow looks at how career staffers sounded the alarm as Donald Trump tried to implement his Ukraine scheme, forcing Trump to work through appointed acolytes and leaving a growing collection of witnesses ready to testify about what he was doing. Aired on 10/11/19.


Pompeo responds like a pissed off cornered private businessman, keeping his secrets

while busy calculating how to strike back rather than answer legitimate question of a reporter.

Thing is those people firmly believe, they believe our government is their private business venture.

They despise our governments rules and check’n balance, they been acting like vandals, and that’s not hyperbole.

Okay. Now what?

What’s American going to do about it?

We probably won’t get all the criminals in this mess, but I hope we impeach the dotard and all his closet cronies. If we can’t impeach them all, then throw as many of them in prison as possible.