Political/news burnout

Anyone else get this? I just won’t check the “Politics and Social Issues” section of the forum, or read the news for weeks at a time because I just can’t take any more about Trump. Unless it’s news about his bigoted policy being stopped by the court or news of his impending removal from office I really don’t want to even see the headlines much of the time. And even then there’s usually some eye-roller in the article, usually a tweet quote or something, which makes me “tired” all over again. Remember back when other things happened in the world too? Things that didn’t involve Trump? Or British Trump? Or Trump lackeys? Or the people going to prison for what they did for Trump? Or politicians defending the indefensible things Trump did? Don’t you wish Republicans would follow the “If Obama did it” rule?

Another bit of political genius in T rump’s idiot savant political skills. He does so much stuff that is WRONG, that it becomes too much to pay attention to. And thereby he is enabled to do more and more WRONG things, and to get away with them, such that his unprecedented corruptions become just another day of his cheating on the golf course.

I dearly wish that T rump was no longer a part of the news, ever again. But that is not the world in which I am in now. I will not yet relent. Maybe I will give up at some point, down the road, and just metaphorically stick my head in the sand, and just hope that the new dictatorship of the USA does not effect me too much. But I am not yet, giving up.

Just was reminded of a saying by Thomas Paine;

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it. Thomas Paine

If the “news” media ever let it go, it will be only when their efforts to defeat him have failed and Trump is re-elected. Even then, I expect they will nit-pick him at every opportunity.

Ultimately, the news media will be mostly constrained by what keeps them on the air. Right now, that is ratings and money.

T rump has been a bonanza for media, due to is trollishness and unending efforts to rile up his base and to demean all others. The intensity of our partisan divide is on T rump. He has added to it every day of his “presidency”.

In the event of T rump’s re-election, the market for opposition to T rump will be as strong as ever. But T rump, will then be the virtual DOTUS. And as such, he will, most most most likely, use his rather unlimited power to crack down on any dissent, opposition, or free press that he doesn’t like.

If the “news” media ever let it go, it will be only when their efforts to defeat him have failed and Trump is re-elected. Even then, I expect they will nit-pick him at every opportunity.
The "news" media reports "news". Kids in cages is "news". Using taxpayer dollars for personal benefit is "news". Calling Mexicans rapists and murderers is "news". Making fun of a handicapped reporter is "news". Being the first White House in our lifetimes to stop doing press briefings is "news". The president doing illegal things is "news". The media should never let it go when it comes to reporting "news".
I expect they will nit-pick trump at every opportunity.
What the hell are you another Putin Russia fan or something ?
Federal Criminal Offenses and the Impeachment of Donald J. Trump

by Andrew Weissmann, Sam Berger, Randall Eliason, Barbara McQuade, Paul Seamus Ryan, Susan Simpson, Gary Steinand Michael Stern
December 16, 2019


Table of Contents

Introduction: The Problem of Missing Witnesses and Documents for the Conviction of Donald J. Trump
Andrew Weissmann

Campaign Finance Law
Paul Ryan

Randall Eliason

Honest Services Fraud
Barbara McQuade

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
Susan Simpson

Hatch Act
Gary Stein

Contempt of Congress
Michael Stern

Impoundment Act (non-criminal law)
Sam Berger


This is the link provided above by CC. (it wasn’t working as a direct link) Read it as a patriotic American and then weep for shame at your support for T rump.

Citizenschallenge-v.3Participant: “Federal Criminal Offenses and the Impeachment of Donald J. Trump”

Did you notice that these are not the charges sent to the Senate?

Lawyers seek technicalities to get their guilty clients off. The Trumpublicans would do the same game with whatever the Articles of Impeachment were stated as.

Everyone should know by now that T rump 1) withheld desperately needed funds for Ukraine’s self defense (for weeks, and the GOA says that itself was a crime) and that he withheld the aid (until T rump got exposed by a whistleblower) to prompt the Ukraine leaders to start, or, at least, announce investigating a bogus claim of corruption by Biden/s. (IOW T rump was trying to collude with a foreign power to do this for his own political campaign’s benefit).

AND that,

  1. T rump has made up new powers (absolute immunity) that he does not constitutionally have, and thusly has withheld every bit of potential evidence that he can (documentation and witnesses) from the House, despite their Constitutional responsibility of Presidential oversight.

If that is not Impeachable, if that is not abuse of power, then nothing is. And this, of course, is where the Trumpublicans want to arrive at – that nothing is Impeachable. Because this stuff is probably the tip of the iceberg in all of the corrupt activities that T rump has done. And the truth will continue to gradually be revealed, unless, as DOTUS, T rump finds a way to indefinitely keep the truth at bay.

(Amazingly he has kept his tax records secret, thus far, and his 1st term is coming to an end.)


The Government Accountability Office determined that holding up the aid to the Ukraine in defiance of a bill lawfully passed by Congress was a violation of the law. Violating the law is know as “committing a crime”. Whether that crime be a “high crime” or even a “misdemeanor” the Constitution is clear. That IS an impeachable offense. All technicalities aside, there WAS a crime.

When T rump commits a crime, he skirts the law, and finagles his way about until he not only gets away with it, he gets an increase in power.

Strike him down with Impeachment and he will arise more powerful than ever - ABOVE THE LAW. DOTUS!

(yes the news is not good, but whether you are burned out or not, it is happening)