Liberal States vs. Moving to Canada/Europe

I have lived mainly in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. The good thing about these areas is that the cost of living is relatively low. For example a one bedroom apartment in one of these states is $400-500/ month. I haven’t lived in a liberal states and think I would enjoy the social environment much more. However I have heard stories about the cost of living in California and New York. I’m not sure how people manage their lives with such a high cost of living and wanted to see if people could give me some information on that.
The other thing I was thinking about was moving to Canada. However I think the citizenship process takes quite some time. I intend to leave Indiana at the beginning of 2018. Indiana is quite a bit more conservative than Ohio or Northern Kentucky where I have lived int he past. It is also uniquely religious for a northern state. Mike Pence was governor here.

New York is great if your under 25 and rich. If your not rich, it’s a better place to visit than live. California is just terrible. East-coast areas like New England, and some of Pennsylvania are generally liberal and a little more affordable, but the people can be difficult if you’re not from there.
Portland Oregon is relatively affordable and extremely liberal, though it has its share of problems. I’d explore the Northwest if I was you.

Yeah what kind of climate do you favor? You can head in any direction and find what you might be looking for.
I’d be careful though…“grass being greener” and all that.

Look long and hard before you leap. In fact you may want to consider NOT moving but put forth as much effort as possible to make you current home more progressive which could greatly benefits generations to come.

Yeah what kind of climate do you favor? You can head in any direction and find what you might be looking for. I'd be careful though..."grass being greener" and all that.
I've lived in Pennsylvania. New Jersey and California the grass (metaphorically spraking) is not greener in either place. AstroTurf is greener than grass everywhere.

The two major concentrations of population in California (San Francisco Bay Area and greater Los Angeles area) tend toward liberal. (With pockets of conservatism in each, of course.) The affordable places in Ca. (every place not those two concentrations) are pretty much conservative.
$400-$500 a month in the SF Bay Area…? You’d be lucky to get an 80sq. ft. shed in someone’s backyard, near an airport with train tracks running behind the property and sharing with a roomie. :wink:
Joking aside… I’ve seen ads for a single bedroom (shared bathroom) in a 3+ bedroom house for $1200+ a month, plus utilities.