Know any atheist/agnostic/humanist singers? I'll pay you $100 if I choose the person you refer.

Does anyone out there know any great singers in Michigan? I’m an established recording artist/GRAMMY member in SE Michigan and I’m starting up a new project/rock band.
Message and themes will be centered around things like recovery from religion, free thought, etc. As you can imagine, it’s very difficult finding vocalists that share our views and would be willing to sing about controversial topics or challenge the status quo.
If you know any great singers that are serious about music, please contact me. I’ll even give you $100 if the person you refer to me is the one we choose.

Don’t know any in Michigan but if you look at the “Introduce yourself” section above there is a post from whitehorse which is a musical group from canada i believe. They might be able to help you.

Trombone Andrew is also quite knowledgeable. He might be able to help.
In addition, we try to work together here for the good of each of us, so you really don’t have to offer a reward beyond thanking those who help.

Shoot, I’ll take a reward if I can! :slight_smile:
Although, of the singers I know, I’m not sure who might be an atheist. The subject never really comes up. I do know a couple of unfortunately unrecognized people who can sing with the best in the world, though.

I don’t know any singers who are explicit non theists.
If I may suggest, just start handling the vocal duties yourself, and perhaps you will attract potential collaborators.

If only I could sing. :frowning: