Rappin' for Jesus

I have never been a big fan of Rap, but now that Kanye West has put out his Jesus Rap Album, it seems worse. Although the religious lyrics ARE probably a step up from such classics as “F___ the Police.”

Not all rap is bad. One has made it past my high personal standards to reach the rank of “a smidgen above slightly awesome”.

It’s the only rap song I know (almost) all the words to. Take a listen to this classic smash hit from the 80’s. Morris Minor and the Majors - Stutter Rap.

I admit to being an old fogey in regards to rap. But “Christian Rap”?, and worse, Christian Rap by Kanye West, no less? It’s too too much. Even art must have its limits, before it just becomes an insult to life in general. (Maybe a little hyperbole, there, but you get the idea.)

Hip Hop has always had a strong religious bent but this new album from West is probably just another in a long line of egotistical “experiments” from him.

Kanye West? Wasn’t he Korea’s hip hoppin boy, or was that trump’s hip hopping advisor boy?, so now he’s pimping jesus? Guess it fits the profile.

Oh, yeah. That west. Tell’n his home boy what’s what.

I’m sure.

Now he’s dong it for jesus.

Oh yeah, light at the end of the tunnel

Rappin for Jesus - it’s even more insane than I think.


Waiting for ‘Jesus Is King’? Here are 10 religious-themed Kanye West songs to tide you over

Lousy editor at that rag, here let me fix that: “Here are 10 religious-themed Kanye West songs to tithe you over.”




You gotta give him credit for marketing, I guess. I am not going to listen to any of it. What if I liked it? I could never forgive myself.


Ewww! White people rap! I hate rap and even I know white boys (of which I am one) can’t rap.

I’ve always hated rap, but I have to admit the rap of the '90s was pretty decent compared to today’s “play one cord repeatedly for 5 minutes while talking about your dick”. Probably no surprise to anyone, but I do like Tony Iommi’s For Heaven’s Sake. I like Ozzy’s part. The rest is tolerable.

Ewww! White people rap! I hate rap and even I know white boys (of which I am one) can’t rap.
Actually, when it's done with tongue firmly in cheek and done well, it's great fun. I find that song hilarious and quite catchy (once you know a few of the words.)

Knowing that, the fact I’m a Weird Al fan should come as no surprise to you.

He FINALLY got some long overdue recognition with his last, most excellent album! I was a Doctor Demento listener every Sunday night as a child.

I so want a Nature Trail to Hell movie based on the song.

Oh! I can’t believe I forgot, I absolutely love Thrift Shop! I’m pretty sure he’s white.

Dennis rodman

That’s Dennis Rodman.


Yeah. That little Asian kid with him must be getting his Make a Wish Foundation dream come true. Poor kid. He must have some advanced form of cancer. It looks like he lost his hair except what’s left on top.

My bad, guess I flunk the social media celeb game.

I’ll do penance by banning myself from further commentary on this thread.

If CC’s gone from this damn thread, then so am I. And I started it.