Just realized I believe in an alternative medicine

Have you heard of the concept of “state dependent learning”?
Why yes, I have seen Beerfest. Good movie. That was state dependent memory, but same concept.

As Robin Williams remarked, there is only one country guaranteed never to develop an atomic bomb. Jamaica!

Perhaps an atomic bong, true.

But whereas an atomic bomb causes devastation and radiation, an atomic bong causes CELEBRATION!!!

In Beerfest, they played a version of Beer Pong, no? That would be an example of state dependent learning, if you could only play well if you were at the same level of inebriation as when you learned and played historically.

I had actually missed that instance of state dependency. One of the broken lizards could only play beer pong and quarters drunk.

Here is a young college freshman learning to be President. Perhaps he would have done better at Presidenting if he had kept smoking.

Don’t get me wrong. If that is a blunt that Barry is smoking, I am not suggesting anything negative about him. I love Obama. I was just suggesting that had he learned all that he needed to know to be POTUS while he was stoned, then it would have made sense, to have continued being stoned while POTUS, according to the idea of “state dependent learning”.

Is it true that he was nicknamed “Barry Bogart”?

Which medicine is considered alternative? Medicine which efficiency hasn’t been proven in laborotory or what?

Which medicine is considered alternative? Medicine which efficiency hasn’t been proven in laboratory or what?

Basically that’s right Thomas. Why would you take something that only some people worked, and many people who know how medicine works say it does not work? I understand there are extreme circumstances where you might, but “extreme” and “alternative” are similar.

I believe it too!

There is much evidence that medical marijuana can help to cure multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, and vomiting.

It is essential to know that even recreational marijuana does not lead to fatalities. The only fact to be careful about is lightheadedness or dizziness.

I believe that medical marijuana is a very compassionate option for neurologic diseases. When regulated, it can prove fruitful. Also, watch out for a combination of cannabinoids to build the optimal potency. In pill form, you can make use of dronabinol and nabilone that are FDA-approved. Only harmless side effects can be affected like a paced heart rate, coughing, or allergies. These are tolerable.

Also, ask a medical professional for proper guidance face to face in a medical marijuana dispensary.

There is a saying, every problem comes with a solution, you just need to find it tirelessly. All of us are trying to escape from fears and problems. Emotions are never of a fixed nature, they keep on changing. You might not feel this way when you wake up tomorrow or in the next week. This world is full of unaccomplished things, try to turn your attention to them. Find some new goals and a motivation to live and accomplish them will follow. You are probably unable to see all of those beautiful things around us. Sadness is an emotion that turns you blind to every little source of happiness. Take care!