What's The Deal With This "Alternative Medicine" Crap.

Seeing how medicine that has come about through the work of scientists using the scientific method is far superior, wouldn’t it be better for the heading of this section be about medicine? Then, if anybody wants to talk about any sort of voodoo alternative medicine, let them go ahead and do so.

Seeing how medicine that has come about through the work of scientists using the scientific method is far superior, wouldn't it be better for the heading of this section be about medicine? Then, if anybody wants to talk about any sort of voodoo alternative medicine, let them go ahead and do so.
There is no alternative medicine. There is medicine and there is voodoo. Take your choice. Lois

Alternative medicine can be a solution for different diseases.

You go to your doctor to talk about medicine. Or you watch commercials to find out what diseases you’ve had your whole life that you never knew existed before the commercial so you can go tell your doctor what to prescribe for you. An Internet forum is the perfect place to discuss Bigfoot and UFOs and magic and “alternative medicine” and all form of other infantile fantasies.

And no, alternative medicines are NEVER a solution for ANY disease. You aren’t even legally allowed to say what alternative medicines are effective for which diseases because there are laws against making unproven medical claims. Alternative medicine is the solution for exactly 2 problems. One, you have too much money. Alternative medicine can fix that for you real quick. And two, you’ve lived too long. It doesn’t take long to find some alternative medicine that will help you out with that problem if you just look a bit. Just last week a man who created a church just to sell his unproven Covid cure (effectively bleach) was arrested. There were deaths.


The term "alternative medicine’ is a very misleading phrase and those who assert that what they call “alternative medicine” is fraudulent are woefully uninformed. A better phrase would be “natural treatments” and they are real and efficacious in treating most human ailments. I had two potentially life-threatening conditions that I treated with natural agents. I had a serious heart arrhythmia I CURED by using mostly plant-based extracts combined with fish oil, CO Q10, magnesium, taurine, and Cordyceps Sinensis, no doctor needed. I also self-treated skin cancer. When I saw the squamous cell carcinoma tumor on my face I instantly remembered how it got there. I service swimming pools and I clearly remember 6 months prior to seeing the tumor below my eye when I was pouring muriatic acid into pool water and a drop rebounded and landed on my face. It sizzled for a second or two and did something more. It chemically changed the PH of the underlying tissue and made it more acidic, a condition conducive to cancer growth and that spot is where the carcinoma tumor emerged months later. It so happened that one of my pool customers who is a doctor noticed it and became very concerned. I told him I wasn’t worried and would treat it myself. He couldn’t believe it when 2 months later the tumor disappeared. I treated it with natural plant-based extracts and because my diet is very close to pristine the tumor quickly receded. (I think I’m prohibited from mentioning the commercially available product on this forum but will forward the information to any who might be interested. I also have before and after photos of my face to prove the efficacy of this treatment and can also provide them. I would post them here if I could figure out how to do that as I’m not computer proficient. So, before anyone ridicules what they conveniently call “alternative medicine” they should learn more about the subject.

...and they are real and efficacious in treating most human ailments.
And here I was starting to like you. Whether you call it alternative medicine, natural treatments or magical fairy juice it's all the same. A rose by any other name and all that. All you did was crap on the phrase "alternative medicine" and then repackage the same crap under a different name.

NO, “natural treatments” CAN NOT treat “most” human ailments. SOME “natural treatments” can treat SOME human ailments. There is no giant, worldwide conspiracy between every doctor on the planet and giant pharmaceutical companies to hide “the truth” form you.

In fact, your very post says you know absolutely nothing about medicine. You’ve been diagnosing yourself. HOW DO YOU KNOW it was a cancerous tumor if you didn’t get it checked out? Even a doctor can only say, “That LOOKS LIKE it MIGHT BE cancerous”.

And you end with a common deflection: “Anyone who doesn’t agree with me just doesn’t know as much about it as I do.” You have no idea how many times people have made that ignorant claim. It is always made by people who think that they know something when in reality all they have is a belief not grounded in reality.

For example, your explanation of the cause of your growth, is pure fantasy. Yes, you can chemically change the Ph of a part of your body by applying an acid or a base…TEMPORARILY. Your body is not a lamp which sits there and waits for something to change its properties. If you change the Ph of a part of your body it doesn’t just stay that way until you use magic fairly juice to change it back, it changes itself back over time. You know how blood takes oxygen, water and nutrients from your stomach and lungs to different parts of your body? Yeah, that’s a whole system that’s constantly doing stuff, constantly changing the chemical makeup of your body, constantly carrying away CO2 and waste material, constantly delivering oxygen, water and nutrients to all your cells. You know what you call a cell that hasn’t gotten blood flow for six months? Nothing because it already died 6 months ago and, assuming the body is still working, has been reabsorbed or shed, so it no longer exists.

I can draw some educated conclusions here without any real effort and I already know every one of them is correct. You DID NOT check the Ph of the tissue under your skin to confirm that the Ph had, indeed, changed. You just think that’s what happened based on you “research” into make believe land. And you DID NOT get a medical diagnosis to confirm it was, in fact, cancer (there are lab tests for that, you can’t just look at it and know. Not even a trained medical professional can do that. It’s only an educated guess until the lab tests confirm it).

You like to think that “alternative medicine” is bad, but you have the real magic cure, but it’s exactly the same thing. What you are pushing is alternative medicine no matter what you prefer to call it. As Tim Minchin said, do you know what they call alternative medicine which has been proven to work? Medicine.

To Widdershins,

You just wrote in the above post “And you end with a common deflection”, “anyone who doesn’t agree with me just doesn’t know as much about it as I do.” You Mr. Widdershins put those words in quotes and allege they are my words. They are not my words and you knew that when you posted them. Are you confused or just basically dishonest? That’s the second time you’ve falsely attributed quotes to me. You did the same under the subject title “The Problem with Mental Illness”.

I also stated I have before and after photos of what was unmistakably a squamous cell skin cancer on my face. This was confirmed by two doctors who looked at it. If you really had any honest interest in knowing whether or not this is so you could’ve asked me to send the before and after photos and see for yourself. When I learn how to post photos on this site as no clear directions are provided I will do so. I stand by all that I said in the above posts and can corroberate all I stated.


Are you confused by “paraphrasing”? Do you not know what that is? I’ll just let you look that up rather than explaining it to you.

Yes, you stated that you had “pictures” which you “believe” was cancer and you “claim” that you cured it with magic herbs. You are obviously overstating your claim. How was it “confirmed by two doctors”? Did you go to the doctor and get a test to “confirm” your amateur diagnosis? Or did a doctor passing by tell you that it looks like cancer which you then confirmed with a friend who once took a CPR class? I didn’t ask you to send me the pictures for several reasons. First, I can get pictures of anything I want off the Internet and claim that they are mine. Second, I’m not a doctor. I’m no more qualified than you to diagnose illness. And third, if I were a doctor a picture is not enough to make a diagnosis of cancer. Lab work has to be done to confirm cancer. No doctor can simply look at something and say, “Yep! That’s definitely this disease all right!” That’s not how it works.

And let’s not forget your magical explanation of what caused the cancer. You spilled a little acid on your face six months previous to that and, with no testing or medical advice, decided that was definitely what had caused your cancer. And it did so by changing the PH balance of the cells under your skin, which can never, ever change back through the natural processes which change PH levels all the time. So, six months later, cancer! Assuming it was cancer and assuming your magic leaves did cure it because you have figured out the perfect diet when there is LITERALLY another current thread on this forum showing that diet is far more complicated than simply “eat only twigs and berries and you’ll have magical healing powers”, even assuming all of that your story of how you got the cancer in the first place is pure speculation.

I don’t believe anything you say because I can clearly see that you’re just making some, perhaps most, maybe even all of it up as you go along. You jumped to some wild conclusions there with no real evidence to back it. You have pictures, not a medical diagnosis. You completely invented the process by which you got cancer, and you know that’s how it happened. With no testing, no medical diagnosis, no advice from experts (who, by the way, would not know how you got the cancer, even they could only speculate, albeit a more informed speculation than yours). If any part of your claim isn’t fact based, and much of it is definitely not, then I have to throw out the whole claim. What you think you know is your own pure speculation.

In response to Mr. Widdrshins

It’s no longer possible for me to take you seriously.

" As Tim Minchin said, do you know what they call alternative medicine which has been proven to work? Medicine."
And there you have it. It doesn't mean the "alternative" didn't work until it was proven. It always worked, it just wasn't Accepted until the big boys approved... and probably found a way to capitalize on it.

Acupuncture and Mesotherapy were considered “alternative” at one time, and are now being considered “legitimate”.

And CBD is close to the borderline.


In response to Mr. Widdershins

It’s no longer possible for me to take you seriously.

That’s pretty weak.

It would be interesting if you could point out where Widdershins comments go off the rails. Can you? I ask because Widdershins responses seemed very rational, grounded and specific to my eyes. What did you find outlandish? Can you define specifics?


@mrmhead. touché. :wink:

@mrmhead The gist of your reply is one of the main reasons I became a chiropractor. To me, its is a far more intellectually interesting profession than many others in healthcare when one considers the disputation that goes on within and about it during the “approval” process.

This is a result of ongoing and mounting research (of which conflict is, of course, always a part), but also because we’re in a period of intellectual strife between those who wish to continue to guide the profession into main stream health care and those who wish to keep it chained to the ideas and rationales of it’s origination.

Give me the discord that comes with this sort of evolution over the inviolable constancy of other fields any day.

I thought this title was a joke. I mean, you sound totally ignorant. Don’t you hear on the commercials when they say these “scientifically proven” drugs have side effects that are so ridiculously bad like sudden death and liver failure and you are stupid enough to think that is good for you? as if only a freakin scientist can come up with medicine and nature has no part? Let me explain why you are an ignorant fool. Half of the medications out there use herbs as their base ingredient. That’s because they work, or they wouldn’t try to isolate the healing element so they can patent their version. And xanax and opioids cause addictions that are ruining this country. Saying you don’t believe that any alternative medicine can be beneficial is like saying you don’t believe in electricity cause you can’t see it. Heck, you probably don’t even know what alternative medicine is.

Okay, as someone who get’s pissed at silliness and can’t resist slamming down my first thoughts, I can appreciate the flaming now 'n then.

But, if you want to defend alternatives medicines, you need to come up with something more considered.

You could start by explaining your definition of ‘alternative medicine’?

Then, can you explain why you’re so hostile towards ‘science’?

Science, a method of procedure that has characterized natural science since the 17th century, consisting in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses. "criticism is the backbone of the scientific method"

Alternative medicine is medicine practices alternative to the western concept which is only what can have a monetary value or a patent. Herbal mixtures can’t be patented so they get little advertising and therefor get little credit as to their effectiveness. Other practices that are effective include Acupuncture, hypnotherapy, and more. Some are not effective.

I know what the definition of science and there is very real science behind the power of herbs. Another technique that is little known is subconscious suggestions. For example this white noise video is perfect for not only deeper sleep but proven effective affirmations that you can’t hear which have an enhancing your overall since of positivity in all aspects of life. Great thing is it doesn’t cost a penny and you can start right now. Even playing it in the background will can have effective results over time.



I know what the definition of science and there is very real science behind the power of herbs.
This is where you'd show some examples.

Also, if you are familiar with rigid scientific processes, you must be able to recognize that there is a lot of hanky panky within “Alternative Medicine”?

After all, isn’t the Groovy Health Food Market Place just as susceptible to the blind profit motive, turning into greed, that places minimizing investments and maximizing earning as a drug manufacture? And haven’t

Why would recommend that I use a white noise video.

For what, to send me silent affirmations?

Did you seriously say that up there?

Have you ever googled: “How trustworthy are alternative medicines”

It actually sort of fascinating.

Here’s an overview of the complexity. In the end, we are left with doing the best we can with what we have - that is the most honest up to date information and as many expert eyes cross-examining each other as possible, then to trust their considered consensus.


J Adv Pract Oncol. 2013 Mar-Apr; 4(2): 123–124.
Published online Mar 1, 2013.

Credible Complementary and Alternative Medicine Websites
Jane T Williams, MSN, RN, FNP-BC

Have you ever googled: “How trustworthy are alternative medicines”
I go by historical use of (alternative) natural medicines. After all, about 75 % of all modern medicine is based on and refined from natural ingredients or their molecular properties. An example is garlic, which was once listed as a medicine, because of its historical usefulness as a medicine for a host of ailments. CBD and THC are extracts from marijuana and have proven medicinal value. That's why these plants were assigned spiritual properties by early medicine man. Almost all spices have medicinal properties aside from their unique flavors (an evolutionary result of being favored by wild animals)

An interesting historical fact: The first recorded labor strike was over Garlic. During the building of the Egyptian pyramids the workers were given daily rations of garlic to ward off bad spirits (ailments). One year when the garlic crop was low, the rations t the workers were curtailed and in response the workers declared a strike until the rations were restored. The Pharaoh’s scribe duly recorded this event and is the first recorded labor strike in history.

In any case early shaman were expert in the healing powers of natural plants and roots. They studied lifetimes in the art of diagnosing ailments and mixing just the right amount of herbs for specific conditions. As with all evolutionary processes, these practices were refined and those were the original artificial medicines. The Shaman would have shelves of powders and potions for all the normal discomforts that befall humans. They usually had an apprentice who would start his education at a very early age and would devote his entire life in learning the art of medicines. It was the first application of scholarship.

From the above excellent link;

NATURAL MEDICINES The most authoritative resource available on dietary supplements, natural medicines, and complementary alternative and integrative therapies.

Your so called voo doo medicine has kept me strong and healthy at 83 soon. No drugs for allergy and sinus issues in over 25 yrs, thanks to Grape Seed Extract. And no colds, flu or vaccines in about 40 yrs.

What a bunch of horse puckie talk here. And from all the members who have no clue.