7 Surprising Ways That Marijuana Can Treat Your Illness

Hey Guys! I hope you all are doing well and safe. I just published 7 Surprising Ways That Marijuana Can Treat Your Illness and giving its preview in a nutshell over here. We often discuss Marijuana and its amazing benefits with each other. This article is all we need to get the required information about the proper usage of Marijuana to get the most out of it. It focuses on the following benefits of Marijuana:

  1.  A Marijuana Smoothie for Your Depression:  Marijuana has been used for centuries to treat Depression and it instantly lifts our mood without any major side-effects. It is best to use Marijuana-infused liquids like smoothies.
  2.  Stoke Your Appetite with a Pot Brownie: Bid farewell to lack of appetite by making this yummy pot Brownie including Canna-butter. These scrumptious recipes are no brainer at all.
  3.  Make Your Chronic Pain Vanish as You Experiment with Topical Recipe: Get artsy by making your body Marijuana salve using your favorite body moisturizer. This Marijuana salve will come handy for almost all kinds of body pains.

You can read the full article here and get the amazing recipe. I hope you enjoy reading it.




And now, there is another cannabinoid that can be studied for possible medicinal properties. CBG



Well, sorry to burst your bubble but there are many more than 7 ways that MMJ or marijuana can treat your illnesses. From working as a pain reliever to its usage for palliative care, MMJ has endless usages. Despite being a user for long, even I was amazed at reading some of its uses that I haven’t come across before. https://mmjdoctors.com/top-50-bloggers-agree-on-these-3-benefits-of-using-marijuana/ To be honest, I was really surprised by Number 49

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I always find it delightful when I see posts like this. Marijuana is revolutionizing the field of medicine and its miracles are real. I have been smoking for the past 8 years and bear witness to its effects. Thank you for sharing! I agree with all three benefits you have mentioned, be it depression, weight gain or chronic pain marijuana does help curb these illnesses.

I have a feeling that all states will legalize mj very soon to make up for lost revenue from impact of the covid pandemic.

Seems that every state which has legalized mj for medical or both medical and recreational use has gained a hefty increase in revenue.

Colorado passes $1 billion in marijuana state revenue

Published Wed, JUN 12 2019
Eric Rosenbaum@ERPROSE

Colorado revenue from marijuana sales experienced its two highest-grossing months in April and May, with roughly $24 million in total state revenue from cannabis each month.
It took the state roughly three and a half years to reach the $500 million mark in total state revenue from marijuana sales, and just under two years to double the revenue source.
Cannabis sales contribute to the state’s general reserve fund, as well as education and health care, including mental health services, and youth drug-prevention programs.


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