Jimmy Carter (expert on fair elections)

Jimmy is probably not going to be with us much longer. Time will take him from us. But it is nice to see that he took a stand on the 2016 election, while he is still able to, esp. since he has been so active in being an election observer in various nations over the years. https://thehill.com/policy/national-security/450877-jimmy-carter-trump-only-won-in-2016-because-of-russian-meddling

He determined that the Russians meddled, and indicated that if/when their meddling is quantified, it will show that they helped Trump get elected, and that Trump was therefore, not legitimately elected. IOW we have an illegitimate POTUS.


not fully investigated not quantified yet he knows that it was russia as the reason why trump won. AFUCKINGMAZING.

I’ll take Jimmy’s opinion over yours Player.

Player said,

not fully investigated not quantified yet he knows that it was russia as the reason why trump won.

And Trump accusing the Clintons of several crimes, even after they were investigated for years and declared innocent of all wrong doing (except having a dallyance), is proper behavior on the part of a sitting president?

And i will take chomsky’s over yours. Why are you in the game of promoting unfounded conspiracy theories???

Writeup - i dont see the connection with what you say. What i said was carters own words

Player, Jimmy determining (in his best analysis of the issue) that Trump won the 2016 with the help of the Russians, is his own individual calculation of what happened. That’s not a conspiracy theory. That was simply Jimmy looking into the matter and coming to his stated conclusion.

That he further, in a logical progression, came to the conclusion that Trump is an illegitimate POTUS, is not a conspiracy theory. It is, rather, Jimmy Carter’s individual conclusion.

Jimmy Carter is a man worthy of respect on MANY counts. I don’t expect to go into them, unless challenged.

Timb , you just acknowledged this so called inteference is unquantified. That means it can range from anywhere from negligible to significant.


You dont know where it falls yet you assert it was the russians that won the elections for trump.





No. It is a significant enough amount that Jimmy was comfortable indicating that it was a deciding factor in the election outcome. Jimmy concluded that it was enough, although there has not been (afaik) a comprehensive review of all available data with statistical analysis that could indicate how much (in numbers) that was.

Sometimes you can come to conclusion that something happened, without needing all of the statistics to tell you so. example:

I tuned in to the immediate aftermath of the football game. There was no view of the scoreboard or other statistics from the game. Yet I saw the Cowboys fans and players jumping up and down and smiling. And the other team’s players were walking off the field, sullenly. I thus knew that the Cowboys had won that game.

Comeback to me when its been comprehensively reviewed and quantified champ.

It will be old news by then, Bucko.

Well whadaU know? Jimmy is still with us and still giving his take on issues. (It’s been nine months ago that I started this thread.) Here is a recent tweet:

T rump doesn’t have what it takes to be the leader of the free world. He is throwing a wrench into the works of the World Health Organization, at the most inappropriate time, during a Pandemic. Can someone just take him to a World court and convict him for crimes against humanity?