I've had a shocking transformation

Oh, friends, The light was blinding. Its heat and intensity would melt lead and blind an eagle, its force and power irresistible and infallible, it was an epiphany. I’m a changed man in its wake. Oh, friends, the case is dire and life-changing. I just received a directive from a cosmic source to dedicate my life to achieve the following; I must become a human hornet, yes a human hornet with wings to fly through the air and most importantly a two-foot stinger with a clear and singular purpose. I’ will fly through the air silently and when I sense a conservative, especially a brain dead Trump-loving conservative their conservative anal sphincter is my target. When I find such a target I will be STINGING! STINGING! STINGING! When their hair catches on fire and smoke comes out of their ears with 100 volts, 300 volts, a thousand volts, the Human Hornet will have done his work. Oh, dear friends of this noble free speech platform I have found the calling of my life. I can’t wait to start STINGING! STINGING! STINGING! Now I know my life has a noble purpose I can only say that I hope all of you can find your true calling as I have. I’ve posted here many times as Genus Homo henceforth I am AKA Double H, the Human Hornet

My sting is in my words.

Okay, had me worried for a second

Yeah, almost thought you’d found an invisible friend or something.

Don’t worry Mr.Lausten and Mriana, you’re both enlightened and hence safe from the Double H.

And I thought I was delusional.

Double H is not delusional, snowwhere’s man. He simply has a sophisticated psychological defense mechanism known as Walter Mitty Syndrome. It is brought on by constant severe trolling by an authority figure who cannot otherwise be thwarted.

We should support HH in this fantasy by helping him to understand that his passion does indeed give him power to effectively denounce his persecutor, and to metaphorically compel that foe to feel the “sting” of justice.

Sting me.

Oh tremble you right-wingers and listen, listen, it could happen any time of day or night. The enlightened are immune but for the rest of you listen. Can you hear it, that faint buzz in the distance is getting louder and louder, closer and closer and I know what you’re thinking but no, sleeping with a jumbo can of RAID! by your bed WON’T HELP AND WEARING CONCRETE UNDERWEAR WON’T PROTECT YOU! REPENT YOU WAYWARD UNFORTUNATES! REPENT!

Only one thing can save you, a vote for Joe

and remember the Double H is a night flyer. I think I feel a buzz coming on myself. I LOVE IT!

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane!..

No! It’s Double H!!!

Buzz those unrepentant, shameless LIARS of the corrupt cult of the t rump, Double H! Crawl inside their concrete underwear and let the feel your Sting of Truth and Justice!

Oh, friends, I feel it’s my duty to report to you and the general public on things inexplicable and strange. There have been reports locally in my area about bizarre sightings of a huge insect being seen over the Trump re-election headquarters and hindquarters too. One particular story was heartbreaking; a man went to sleep one night and being a good and sensible red-blooded American he makes it a habit to sleep with his MAGA hat on, well he tells a horrific story of a nightmare he had a few nights ago. It started with a loud buzzing and became deafening and THEN! Oh my, well, How can I say this discreetly? Umm, he got a most unwelcome visit to his “bathing suit” zone and the voltage was so hot and intense it melted his MAGA hat permanently onto his skull. Evidently from the cheap Chinese material used in making the hat, and now he’s branded for life. It’s so tragic How would you like to live the rest of your life with a permanently melted red MAGA hat on your head? I truly feel for the man. Being a local I saw the man myself the other day walking into the Trump reelection hindquarters. He looked to be in sad shape. I recognized him when he pulled up with his 4 pit bulls in his pickup. He actually had to use his AR 15 as a crutch to go inside. Let’s hope he recovers soon, but there’s more, and here’s where it gets personal.

I myself had a disturbing dream of this horrible apparition, half-human, half insect and it actually communicated with me and said with a dreadfully malevolent tone; “I AM BZZZZZZ THE DREADED DOUBLE H. WHERE’S CAS?” I told him, I don’t know any by that name. I was shaking. I mean seeing that two-foot stinger, wouldn’t you be? He replied; “NO FOOL! BZZZZZ BZZ I mean CONSERVATIVE ANAL SPHINTORS That’s my target.” Then he told me to convey this message to you all; The Double H will roam the skies of this nation until election night and no conservative anal sphincter is safe from the dreaded two-footer just ask that poor unfortunate man who slept with his MAGA hat. SO REMEMBER! VOTE for JOE And I’ll quietly go, BUT! A VOTE FOR T RUMP and those CHEEKS WILL LOOK PLUMP!


Friends, I had to break off. Recounting that horrible dream was simply too jarring to continue but I want to assure all of you that I’ll keep you all posted on anything I hear or surmise about this strange phenomenon until the November election when these chilling and mysterious events finally end.

Since when did CFI become infested with trolls?

Heee’s baaack,


Oh friends I have a heavy heart. I feel it’s my duty to inform you of strange and incredible things. Last night I was awakened by a loud buzzing and when I opened my eyes, there he was again, that hideously transmogrified creature, half-human, half hornet, yes the dreaded Double H. Wow! What a shock but I tried to stay calm. I mean staring down the barrel of a two-foot stinger is not the time to lose your nerve. Prior eyewitness accounts described it as a two-footer, but I’ll tell ya , It looked more like a three-footer to me. YOWZA! Not only that but it kept crackling and smoking and giving off sparks. I tried to communicate with him and he answered me. BZZZZZZZ, BZZZ, BZZZZ I’ve been at large and I’ve been very busy. As you know conservative anal sphincters are my game young or old it’s all the same. I leave them scorched, I leave them lame. It’s my one and only claim to fame.

Then I asked him, What have you done? He told me the whole story with all the gruesome particulars. He said, I went flying up through Alabama and Tennessee and when I came to a county where Trump signs were everywhere I waited and hovered in the air and followed the MAGA hats to their homes and waited for the right time.”

“Well gee Buzzy what happened then?” I asked.

He looked down at that three-footer still smoking with heat and crackling with high voltage energy and said, “What happened will make him dream of Preparation H for the rest of his days. (DOUBLE YOWZA!)

Then he told me something shocking and beyond belief and frankly, I’m alarmed. After a night of this hmm, well let’s call it penetrating activity the Sunday morning worship services at the Full Literal Gospel Triple Spirit-Filled Born Again Church were oddly and unexpectedly disrupted. As reports have it the pews were filled with good red-blooded Trump supporters but something was wrong, tragically wrong. As the preacher began his sermon on the need to keep our wonderful president in office he noticed the people in their seats began squirming and moving around Just as he was telling all of how unfair the liberal media has been in stopping our president Donald Trump from making America great again. “Donald Trump has made a few mistakes but who hasn’t?” he said, and added “Who among us hasn’t paid 130 thousand dollars in hush money to a porn star at some point in our life. Haven’t we? Now be honest.

As the preacher spoke the swaying heads in the audience became distracting as people kept squirming in their seats and then a low-pitched audible groan began to be heard but the preacher soldiered on bravely. He began again” Now the liberal media says that women are opposed to our great president but I don’t have a clue why they’d feel that way. They say he doesn’t respect women, well, just because he cavorted with prostitutes when his third wife was pregnant with his child doesn’t mean he disrespects her. I mean why would anybody think that?” As he continues all those heads swaying back and forth from hyper-inflamed anal sphincters made it look he was on the ocean and he got seasick. Oh, the swells and the groaning but luckily, it must have been providence just before he was about to blow lunch the door flung open and a man shouted into the church that a truckload of Preparation H had been spotted on the highway and within 2 minutes the Literal Full Gospel Triple Spirit-Filled Fundamentalist Born Again Assembly was emptied in a mad rush.

After hearing this story from this ghastly creature I had to ask him, Was it you that caused that awful calamity? Was it really you Buzzy?”

“BZZZZ Yes it was and I’m not done until election time, so tell every Trump supporter to listen for the BUZZZZZ. When you hear it it’s too late So remember, I scorch and I scald and with only a touch you/re permanently bald. Repent and vote for Joe, BZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

I think that is a lovely story. Perhaps you can have it illustrated and packaged as a nice large coffee table book.

Or maybe begin a comic book series of the adventures of the Double H.