It just keeps getting weirder. Trump White House as Pill Mill, Ronny Jackson

Another story worth thumbtacking onto the 2024 election campaign kiosk.

Crazy man, no, it’s MAGA men (& women?), another story that sounds too much like a Hollywood script to take seriously. Oh wait, they have hard evidence, names, dates, numbers. Or dear, why am I not more surprised. Must be the MAGA spell.

Another example that MAGA is all about Projection & Grievance.
Toddler tantrums on prime time.

New Allegations Emerge Against Ronny Jackson as White House Digs In

By Nicholas Fandos

  • April 25, 2018

WASHINGTON — Dr. Ronny L. Jackson, the White House physician nominated to lead the Veterans Affairs Department, provided such “a large supply” of Percocet, a prescription opioid, to a White House Military Office staff member that he threw his own medical staff “into a panic” when it could not account for the missing drugs, according to a summary of questionable deeds compiled by the Democratic staff of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

A nurse on his staff said Dr. Jackson had written himself prescriptions, and when caught, he simply . . .

Chickens coming home to roost:

Those liberals at MidasTouch, wouldn’t you know this is a story they want to look at in detail. It’s an interesting ride:

Jan 29, 2024
MeidasTouch host Ben Meiselas reports on the release of the Department of Defense Inspector General report on unlawful prescriptions of hard drugs in the Trump White House and how the White House became a pill-mill under Donald Trump.

MAGA nation, they tell us they have what America needs.

What we have isn’t as good as what it used to be, still it’s better than the MAGA alternative.
It would be fascinating taking a look at MAGA royalty’s blood & urine tests before putting them back on the throne.