Hello, everyone. I’m thrilled to have found this forum. It looks really interesting. I’ve read the forum rules and agree to them, so if I should inadvertently bend or break a rule I have no problem with moderation. I won’t complain. I also realize that anyone I’m having a discussion with may inadvertently do the same and am more than willing to overlook that. I rarely, if ever, will complain to moderators. I don’t consider disagreement as trolling or opinion as hate speech. In fact I seek disagreement and debate and think they are extremely important in order to promote critical thinking. Which is, well, critical.

Now, as for my position; I’m male, 52 years old, from the Midwest USA. Due to medical issues I’m retired and so spend a great deal of my time online. I’m working on a website which, if you are interested in checking out I can give you a link. I had a massive heart attack in 2007; a quadruple heart bypass, bi-ventricular ICD, kidney disease due to a medication I was given, as well as a degenerative spine. The latter is what keeps me from working. I was formerly employed at a pharmaceutical corporation as a line worker.

I’m a believer in the Bible, a former unbeliever who became a believer upon further examination of the Bible at the age of 27. I’m irreligious in the sense that I have never and will never belong to any organized religion, but I am heavily influenced by the Watchtower and consider Watchtower publications my primary source for Biblical research. I’m not a Jehovah’s Witness (JW) nor have I ever been. I don’t defend the JW religion as I’m no part of it.

I’m a non practicing homosexual; for the past decade I have abstained from sex due to my beliefs. It is important that I point out that I firmly believe that Christianity most certainly does not include becoming a part of a so-called moral police of the globe. Social issues like abortion and homosexuality should be, from a Christian perspective, a matter for the congregation, rather than an influence outside of the congregation.

I am also apolitical, meaning I don’t vote or otherwise try to influence legislation or social reformation. I do keep one eye open to what’s going on in the world around me and will from time to time express my opinion on the subject but I don’t find it particularly relevant from an ideological perspective.

I thoroughly enjoy Bible study and to a lesser extent, I also have religious interests. I’ve briefly studied the history of each of the primary world religions. Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Shintoism, and Taoism. I’ve read and in fact published online many sacred texts from these religions. The Bible, to me, is the only one to claim divine inspiration as well as give an account of creation. That, of course, is debatable.

However, please don’t use this introductory thread to begin a debate on any subject. There will be time for that elsewhere. Anyone here feel free to PM me at any time for any reason. I’m glad to hear from you. If you want to have a discussion or debate on any of these subjects let me know and we are good to go.

So . . . let’s dance!

Glad to know you, Leon. You sound like a well-balance guy by American standards. I look forward to debating you on subjects you put out for discussion in this forum.

Welcome David Leon!

Happy New Year ?

Personally, I was a devout Christian for decades. I now consider myself an athiest after heavily researching IVY League Biblical Scholars. I believe that we are products of our environment and that most of us inherit our religion from our families.

Smile and be kind to one another. No Gods Required ?

Welcome David Leon. Sounds like you have a lot to talk about.

@Sree Thanks, Sree. Likewise. I hope to debate you as well. Sometimes believers aren’t welcome in a skeptical forum, but I hope that that isn’t the case here because I respect differing opinions.

@Blaire Thanks for the welcome. Yeah, you have to watch out for those scholars as generally they tend to be heavily influenced by the traditions of men. I think that we are marionettes of our culture, but those strings can be cut. After all, I was raised an unbeliever in the Bible belt but became a believer without the tradition of apostate Christianity. Perhaps you have also cut the strings of tradition as well, as an unbeliever and good for you in doing so.

@TimB Sorry if I come off as somewhat verbose, but I wanted to give the reader all of the ammo they needed to debate me. To see where I’m coming from. I try to be as concise as possible.

Very good. Conciseness is a virtue in this format.