Introducing myself

My name is Sam. I am a physics professor close to retirement with an avid interest in scientific education of the public, theories of education, philosophy of education, and debunking quack science and medicine.
I would like to participate in a discussion on the roots of scientific illiteracy, why public education has failed, what is and is not science, and why some noted scientists disseminate antiscientific ideas.
I look forward to a lively discussion.

Welcome to the forum. I am much more interested in the social sciences than the physical science. The questions you have will make for an interesting discussion about how culture is built and evolves…

Welcome Sam. Sounds like you’ll be a valuable addition to the forums. I look forward to your contributions.

Welcome to the forum. It sounds as if you will fit right in.

Welcome Sam. I’m also a physical scientist, now retired, and I share your concerns about scientific illiteracy and weak education. I feel that the basis of all is the lack of adequate funding for education. That means larger class sizes so each of the kids gets less help when needed, and lower pay for teachers so many potential excellent teachers go into other, better paying, jobs.
Responding to your last point, I’ve found that many scientists have had very narrow education. An example I recall was a decent physicist who thought he was, therefore, and expert in all sciences and spouted the most bizarre silliness about anything biological including evolution. And just because one has a science education doesn’t mean the person has any ethics so many will say anything that will make them more money.

Welcome Sam. I think you will very much enjoy it here, esp in the science section and other like sections.