Hello again, I just got back from practicing on philosophy forums

I am a hard skeptic and atheist who trusts logic as the foundation to intellectual integrity with priority. I was here a long time ago when I was first getting acquanted with the Internet and this was the first forum I came to test out my capacity to argue online.

However, back then, I introduced myself through a thread regarding a physical theory that I was, and still am, working on. I believed (and still do) that in order to formally present it would require challenging conventional scientific theories to derive motivation for my model. But I went about it immaturely (or perhaps, ‘prematurely’) because I did not know how to handle the insults and rejection regarding my approach. I initially begun challenging an interpretation of Relativity via Einstein and had been confronted as though I were a crackpot given I believe I labeled the thread first challenging this as “Einstein was wrong”. I then opened the first sentence by expressing that he wasn’t literally wrong but the selection of the title got me into hot water and had completely distracted me from proceding out of frustration.

I was totally immature regardless of other’s potential perceived abuses that occurred at the time. I wasn’t kicked out but felt that I had to leave here out of frustration. However, with practice in communicating better in online forums, I believe that I am better prepared and certainly more mature about how to handle my part in respect to others pschologically. This site had not censored me, …though the admins were censuring me in content and so I left open the possiblity of coming back. [I did involve myself in the local CFI for a while though. ]

Regardless, I’m back home again and look forward to redressing some of those issues I left hung open and to participate in helping others understand science, skepticism, and a variety of philosophically related issues.

I will again rechallenge some old battles but with the maturity I hope will be more acceptable and convincing. I just hope that the depth will be welcome. I have a lot of free time to devoted to intellectual issues and don’t approve of the more popular social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter to do these things in.


Welcome back scottmayers.

Like you, I came back now that the software is much more user friendly. We can use more deep thinkers. I look forward to your posts.

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