I don't get conservatives sometimes

I know we don’t get too many of them here, right-wingers, Trumpers, whatever you want to call them. They tend to not like reason and logic, at least the ones that come here and try to preach. So, I don’t expect much of that in response to this.

I went through this podcast and responded to most of what they said, which was a lot, but there wasn’t much substance, so it was pretty easy. Except, I had to guess what they were thinking, since it lacked substance. So I spend most of the time defining the terms.

Anyway, tell me if I was at least fair. Did I articulate their points accurately? Understood if you don’t have over an hour to plow through this.


The podcast link is in the blog.

People who are born in a system that gives them privileges will rarely change the rules to reduce the privileges.
In other words, those who make the rules rarely suffer from the rules. Including those who would make changes to the rules.
Change requires legislation that identifies those traits that were used to identify those who were barred from those privileges in the past.
Legislation that identifies (segregates) some from others serves only to divide. Why do liberals always think that legislation is the only answer to every perceived problem? We cannot legislate morals nor attitudes.
Why do liberals always think that legislation is the only answer to every perceived problem?
I guess because without a law, slavery would be legal. Without a law, banks could draw lines around neighborhoods and not give housing loans to people of a certain color within those lines. Without a law, we would still live a world like the one portrayed on Mad Men.

You’re right, we can’t legislate morals, but we can control the people who act immorally.

I don’t understand conservatives either. They seem to believe that the common people, those who elect them, do not deserve anything, but 1% and Greedy Corporations should run the nation and get everything. Socialism (people own everything, which is not true in this case) is good for the 1% and greedy corporations, but Communism (government, which is the 1% now in the U.S., owns everything) is good for everyone else. Basically, the U.S. is already ran by a greedy dictatorship and the 1%, which is Communism. So what are the conservative complaining about? They have everything if they are 1%, which many of those governing are, giving themselves raises, and denying the rest of us everything.

All this crap and more continue to this day. I wouldn’t be surprised if stupid Posh Polly (Josh Hawley (however your spell it) of my stupid state, ties it up for the dotard to continue to dictate come January 5, further causing delays in the vaccine rollout slowing the vaccination of the masses, instead of allowing President Biden to be president.


Since we’re reminiscing about opportunities lost, we ‘received’ this information in the 60s. Sixty years of belligerent ignorance in the service of greed and stupidity.




1958 Series produced by Bell Telephone that addresses weather knowledge and prediction.

The guaranteed indisputable* reality of the CO2 global warming connection is addressed at 50:00 for those of you looking for the footage circulating today on the internet.

*Bitching about decimal points does nothing to change the physical reality of CO2’s atmospheric insulating properties!


Good luck 2021.

@citizenschallengev3 it’s the very same “belligerent ignorance in the service of greed and stupidity” that got us in this mess, in the U.S., with COVID-19. It wouldn’t be this bad if the dotard kept the pandemic play book and did his job, as well as his minions doing what they were told to do by the health professionals.

Here’s my New Year’s blog. Click through to find a great Heather Cox Richardson post, connecting Trump to Reagan, and going all the way back to Reconstruction. Explains my point of view pretty well.

I would suggest that merely understanding conservative views and positions is quite enough, at least for this Enlightenment-led liberal.

Enough because this level of understanding is sufficient to engage in conflict and disputation with conservatives - activities without which, of course, there can be no meaningful progress in mental life nor the life of societies.

My $.02.

Mriana, yeah the COVID thing is an even insaner example. I mean, since when where the medical facts regarding viruses, transmission and hygiene - preventative steps to take during an epidemic - a mystery. None of it is rocket science, none of it was particularly new or different from what’s been dealt with these past decades. The world medical organizations proved they understood the problems and how to effectively mitigate the spread of virus, and how to learn and adjust - as they showed with SARS, and other bird flus and even Ebola, (although that’s a different creature all together from the corona viruses).

Still, the experts knew what they were taking about, but the so-called grown ups in our government turned out to be sniveling malicious idiot slobs only angling for another profiteering opportunity.

Oh as for the supposed grown ups in our government, the one’s that weren’t the above, were too weak and ineffective to do a damned thing about it. A bunch of wet noodle gutless pensioners, that seem to have gotten comfortable with the alt-right steamrolling them right and left.

Hopefully the younger generations will learn to flex their muscles and toss out the old entitled obligated political slobs and take over the mess.


I’ve perceived over the years that the conservatives tend to work to favor themselves, their clan, their team - whatever “Their” division is in the context of the subject at hand.

Liberals tend to try to make improvements for Everyone.

A clean environment benefits everyone. Oil mining in national reserves or polluting waterways with coalmine runoff waters benefits the mining companies and their owners and stockholders.

But that doesn’t make all “Liberal” or Democratic politicians innocent…

@citizenschallengeV3 and a new one I read from the dumpster people- the pandemic is over. It’s been over for a while now, but the left is perpetuating that it continues. Though they don’t deny the virus exists. It exists, is still around, but the pandemic is over. Huh? Seems to me, they are really stupid. This pandemic won’t be over until most of the world is vaccinated. The pandemic is still here and it’s worse than ever in the U.S. and getting worse in other countries. The Conservatives are really stupid, selfish, greedy, and deniers of things that don’t allow them their way.

I’ve had two people I’ve met in person as well as attempted to argue about vaccines online. Both of them are consistent when I get to pointing the deaths in Africa; they completely ignore them. They have a similar reaction to discussing the deaths per year just before the MMR vaccine was instituted. With that, they say the death rate was on the way down and would have continued going down without it. They have no other reasoning for this, just a line on a graph and false correlation.

I’m interested in hearing other’s perspectives on how you’ve come to whatever point you are at now in how you deal with those with a radically different world view.

My perspective as someone well into the second half of my life is that, in a nutshell, I simply don’t care to take the time and effort to deal with them. I’m not a politician, not running for any office or the head of any organization. It’s not that I won’t support a cause I consider important. More so that in the process of my day to day living, I ignore those people as much as possible. I don’t feel the need to try to sway them. I’m content to avoid them or ignore them. Whatever eliminates or minimizes the need to interact with them.

What about you who are on the opposite end of the spectrum as to approach? How do you go about your interactions in daily life if you cross paths regularly with those on the far right and engage?

I’m interested in hearing other’s perspectives on how you’ve come to whatever point you are at now in how you deal with those with a radically different world view.
There is no way of dealing with radicals. It becomes an indoctrination, a cult mentality. One might call it a mass Dunning-Kruger effect and if there is sufficient reinforcement it becomes hallucinatory reality for the "fellow in arms".

This is akin to a herd stampede, where everyone follows the leader, even if it is over the cliff to their death.


Welcome Phil. I’ll try to get some time to respond to this next week. Or, I’ll get distracted watching cat videos. hard sayin’

Well, some of my family members are ultra right, complotists, and pro Trump, to the point of believing that Capitol invaders were anti fa disguised as trumpists.

When we meet, we are polite to each others and evade difficult subjects. Things i cannot bear are racism and negationism, they know i would explode. Some time, i do over other subjects.


IMHO, there’s not way to avoid them, though I try to avoid them. When I’m unable to avoid them and they try to spew their crap, I try to ignore or not actually listen to them. Pretend to hear Charlie Brown’s teacher or something.