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I keep going back and forth on the HPV Vaccine for our daughter. Is it safe? My concern is that I talk to Moms and several say they will not give the vaccine to their children. But I feel like if it prevents cancer it’s a good thing right? I just want the best for our child. Any thoughts? Doc says yes, but my Doctor says yes to all vaccines.

It’s safer than your daughter getting ovarian cancer or other cancer that can be prevented by the vaccine. All vaccines are safe- Polio, MMR, Tetanus… they’ve been around for years now and side effects are rare. My mother got me every available vaccine available while I was growing up and I got my sons every available vaccine too. As I said, side effects are very rare and if you want the best for your daughter, you will get her the HPV vaccine.

Yes I agree, however why have they stopped using it in Japan, France and other countries? Have there been adverse effects? Just want to do more research before I give her the shot. Thanks

I wasn’t aware other countries stopped using it. I’ll have to look that up myself.

Since most reports that vaccines are not safe are baseless conspiracy theories, and all real evidence is scientific, I’m curious to know how you’ll weigh fake “evidence” vs. actual evidence.

There’s no debate on this topic. So don’t go down the rabbit hole too deep or you’ll find the real-life wonderland of crazies on the internet. I wouldn’t suggest doing that… ever.

Doc says yes, but my Doctor says yes to all vaccines.
Why is that a problem?



Anon: "Doc says yes, but my Doctor says yes to all vaccines."

Lausten: “Why is that a problem?”

Yes. How is that a problem?

My doctor advises that I:

  • eat all the food groups,
  • exercise all parts of my body,
  • take all my prescribed medicines,
  • pay attention to all my risk factors
Should I 'investigate' the alternatives to my doctors advice?

Why go to a doctor if you turn around and use the internet to find quacks who disagree with their advice.

Don’t blindly do everything they say without learning stuff, but when the internet is full of harmful garbage on a topic, unless you’re educated on that topic, don’t trust anything that directly contradicts your doctor.


Thanks to everyone for your feedback

Late to the party here, but all my kids (2 girls, 2 boys) got the HPV vaccines (and every other recommended vaccine). I looked briefly into the claim that they’ve stopped using it in Japan, France, etc. and found that, at least for Japan, they didn’t “stop using it”, the government stopped recommending it. There is a HUGE difference between the government not recommending something and outright banning it. And they stopped recommending it in Japan for the same reason you’re asking about it here; some guy on the Internet says it’s bad and people panic.

My tip, don’t ask people on the Internet whether a vaccine is bad or not. You’ll get all kinds of bad advice that sounds really clever. Ask your doctor. Then another doctor. Then, just for good measure, a third doctor. Ask your doctor if they gave it to their kids. You won’t get a more honest and educated opinion than that. People on the Internet can misrepresent all kinds of things to make a really dumb belief sound smart, and they do.

Ask your doctor.
Good advice. A nurse will do also. When I got old enough to see people grow up and become doctors and nurses, I would ask them when they took that class that told them that vaccines were really a lie. They get the joke of course. I try asking anti-vaxxers this, but it can be hard to even get to where you can ask a reasonable question; so, millions of people have been born and gone through college since these ideas that vaccines are killing us have been around. Anyone could believe that from birth and make it their mission to learn everything about immunology and get a PhD and prove that these drugs are not doing what they say they are. If they could, they would be considered heroes and possible wealthy as well. Why has no one done that?

The best response I get is a YouTube of an-ex credentialed person rambling on for two hours about some conversation they had in a conference in Sweden 30 years ago.

Another person late to the party. A good reference to read is “Human papillomavirus vaccines: WHO position paper, May 2017.” Your google machine should find it easily. Bottom line: safe and effective.

Another person late to the party.


perfect synopsis " A good reference to read is “Human papillomavirus vaccines: WHO position paper, May 2017.” Your google machine should find it easily. Bottom line: safe and effective"


a few comments :It doesnt protect against ovarian cancer ( prevention could be possible in > 30% bij salpingectomy, but research is ongoing)

vaccins are indeed one of medicine’s bigbest life savers troughout history

HPV is cause of 99,9 %of cervical cancer ( there are very rare cancer forms not to be reducted to HPV)


vaccins like the one wiht protection against 9 sybtypes of HPV herlps to reduce the number of premalignant laesions and cancers but not absolute ( reasons are Obvious; subtypes not in vaccin, diminished antibodies ,…)


so yes please protect womens, girls (and for that matter boys) with HPV vaccin



Steven ( MD)


Steven, thanks for chipping in. It is good to have input from an MD, occasionally.