How to confront the GOP Culture Problem - Marc Elias

We The People need to engage, yada, yada, yada.

GOP Election Misinformation Scheme Violates Federal Law: Voting Rights Attorney

MSNBC - Jun 3, 2021

Marc Elias, voting rights attorney, talks with Rachel Maddow about

why Americans can’t rely on the courts to defend voting rights against Republican infringement indefinitely,

and why he thinks the Arizona election misinformation operation is violating federal law.

The Complicated Legacy of the 19th Amendment By Democracy Docket

Today there are enshrined constitutional protections mandating that the right to vote not be abridged due to gender, race, age, religion or disability. But in practice, women of color still face massive inequities and institutional racism that prevents them from making their voices heard.


‘Democracy Is at Stake’ Claudia Dreifus, an interview with Marc Elias

The expert elections lawyer knocked down scores of pro-Trump lawsuits challenging the 2020 results. Now, he says, we’re in a struggle to save the republic.
June 1, 2021



Now if only we could get American citizens to care.