Hot tips for advanced forum users

I’ll keep adding things I find to this post, and pin it to the top. (if it doesn’t stay at the top of the list, look for a button about pinning at the bottom of the thread.)

Maybe bring some of the ones discussed so far into here. If you start arguing about my font choice or something, I might just have to delete your post. :crazy_face: I’ll keep adding things I find to this post.

Maybe bring some of the ones discussed so far into here. If you start arguing about my font choice or something, I might just have to delete your post. :

It says you can “unpin” this in your view. If there is a wrench icon at the top of this thread for you, try that. Let me know.

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GO TO Main List of ALL Forums

Just click on the cfiFORUMS logo in the upper left!!


To take your own tutorial, you should have received a message from an automated helper, named discobot. Go your messages and text
@discobot start advanced tutorial
to it.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


There is an extensive search engine. Click Here.


You can use some HTML. Try this out for example:
<s>put your strikethrough text here</s>

I learned this one in the tutorial but just noticed it in the icons that come up when I click on my user icon.

Bookmarking a post

Have you ever just read a post, and you know you want to get back to it, but then you scroll away and forget where it was??

Hit the three dots on the bottom of the post, by the link and the edit icons, and use the bookmark. When you want to find it, expand your user list (your avatar in upper right), there are four icons there; notices of recent posts, bookmarks, messages, and your account.

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Stumbled on this one, about how to

Search within your posts

I knew the topic I had started a while back, but couldn’t remember where I put it. I went to my account, activity, and put a word in the spyglass search at the top. It offered to search for that word within "posts by lausten. Nice.

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Images can be added using the icon that looks like a tiny framed picture of a mountain sunset. You’ll need some file finding skills and their might be restrictions on the size of the picture.

Please remove the 3 post per thread restriction under the politics banner and re- apply the ability to upload new posts and make edits.


I don’t understand what you are asking

I am limited to three posts only for each thread under politics

I cannot add new topics

I cannot edit comment

I cannot send messages

You are locked to new user only posting, but you have not received any warnings according to the system’s record. Let me adjust the setting and let us know if it fixes it.

Your trust level as now been unlocked and you are now at basic user. If this does not fix the issue, please let us know.

It makes sense now that I’ve had coffee

That and when one has been booted for a couple months, the system probably starts them over on trust levels.

Restoring your account was not a license to repetitious posting. Use evidence, defend a position. Don’t just make claims and challenge others.

In the exchange you speak of, people are expressing their opinions. No one has posted evidence to back up their claims.

Leave it alone

The record of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine are easily found and well documented. No one is required to google things for you. It is exactly the opposite of my role to “leave it alone”.

Lausten and I are mods. We don’t leave things alone if they violate the rules.