Hi all from Mid-Missouri

First about me and then what led me here.

I am 69 (1952). I was born and raised in Cupertino, Ca (Silicon Valley). I skipped 2 grades in Elementary school. I went from a scholarship to guitar playing hippie through high school. (graduated 1970) I became a Conscientious Objector after being drafted during the Viet Nam “War”. (1971). Became a born-again christian in (1972). Married had two children then separated/divorced. (1980) I played in a Show Band that traveled from Texas to Atlantic City, to Florida for about 6 months. Quit and returned to Columbia to be near my children. (1983) I joined an Intentional Community based on the study of eastern philosophy/psychology, and living simple. (1986) I am still here having the time of my life. :slight_smile:

I got involved with the Guy McPherson crowd after listening to him and then joined his forum “Nature Bats Last”. The forum split and The Doomstead Diner was created. I stayed with that forum regularly for about 8 years until recently. I became open to new ways to use my energy, both physically and mentally. I became interested and joined “The People’s Party” (New Third party forming nationally) and protested with a sign that read “OMNICIDE - HUMAN EXTINCTION - AS A RESULT OF - HUMAN ACTION” my myself on the busy intersections in Columbia. Then I joined a Senior Forum and am still active there, then a Political Forum and am still there, then I ran into you all. I am going to say what I think is true and not compromise. I have some interest in “small” talk, so don’t hold back in your responses to what I write. Ok, on with the experiment. :slight_smile:

Mid-Missour-a huh? Howdy neighbour. I myself heil from the Queen City of the Ozarks and my grandparents lived in Dor-ee (Dora to everyone else) Missour-a in Ozark County until their death. I eventually remarried and instead of my new husband moving to my neck of the woods, I ended up moving to N.W. MO. I miss the Ozarks personally. So you’re a born again Xian? What brings you to these parts of the interwebs? Or did you become an atheist after being “born again”? Anyway, I’ll stop messing with the pronunciation of Missour-a and so we can shoot the breeze for a bit, neighbour.

Thanks mriana, what town/city/area in NW Missoura?

Along with my Eastern philosophy/psychology learning, I do not begin to label my sense of “what” the universe IS absolutely. I have many narratives about it, but I don’t believe any of them to be the truth. The last remaining member (plus me) of the community (there were about 20 in the beginning) is an atheist. She has been my best friend for 30 years. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the background. I’m only three years behind you. Born German, emigrated as a babe on Mom’s teat, Chicago til 13, then Burlingame, CA in 1968, ironically leaving Chicago a couple weeks after the riot, although the convention chaos was actually very localized and most Chicagoans only experienced what everyone else also saw on the news.

Got into political activism, Save the Coast, Save the Bay, McGovern. (why I had to be in my 30’s before discovering George McGovern was a WWII bomber pilot with a very distinguished flying career. As in a real man’s man. But Democrats needed to keep that a secret.).

The lefties thought I was fresh meat and an activist to mold. I even got invited to a coordinating committee meeting in (72) San Francisco after the election and got to hear all about their grand idea for national equality - 30 hours of work for 40 hours of pay, was big, other stuff I forget. Listening to them going on and on, I was thinking WTF, that’ll never happen. It’s was like going on a date with a pretty girl only to find out she was empty headed and then she pukes all over the table, thus ended that infatuation.

Fortunately, end of high school was nearing and Yosemite National Park was beckoning. There I forgot about politics* and focused more and more on understanding and then appreciating Mother Earth, well and myself.


*Well, sort of, but that’s an even longer story and I’ll spare you.

Huh, we don’t usually do personal histories, but here goes; Born in Flint, MI and stayed within 4 states of the Midwest. My extended family has assembly line workers at auto plants, on up to VPs. I’m some sort of mutt, between Michael Moore, a Youper, and a Bloomfield Hills brat.

Welcome @foghorn!

I post about my personal life on my blog. But aside from that I’m from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I’m also Roman Catholic. My personality type is INFJ-A. ?