Hi to all

Hello. I’m excited for this network and what support it may offer in terms of helping small rural community members create bonds around common values such as this. Thank you to the CFI!

Hi, Kris. Tell us a little about yourself.

Welcome aboard, Kris! I live in a small town in Georgia, myself. This forum is the only chance I have to interact with others like me.

I live in a small and severely economically depressed town in Montana, with churches and bars in equal abundance like many small western towns. Churches are the main gathering place for social interaction here, although there are a few of us who are trying to cultivate more neutral-ground events that attract a variety of people and perspectives - and we’re succeeding, slowly! I have had a career as a wildlife biologist, am married (by the only humanist minister in MT!), and have one child. Having spent much of my time in the woods, alone, I was never much concerned with the divide between religious and non-religious culture and all that implies for social opportunities in a small rural town, but now that I have a kid… it’s becoming much more of a concern for both my own social circle and my kid’s. That’s me in a nutshell!