He's sooo conservative

…when he’s driving his car, he can’t bring himself to make a left turn!

(…add your own…)

He so much hates the gays that he stopped to visit his parents when they moved to live rue Gay-Lussac

La rue Gay-Lussac is a famous street in Paris. And Gay-Lussac is a French scientist who discovered that water is composed from Oxygen and Hydrogen.

[Rue Gay-Lussac — Wikipédia]

[Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac - Wikipedia]

I think you mean, he stopped visiting his parents when they moved. :slight_smile:
Good one though.

I thought for sure others would contribute a little fun in this thread.

Standard format jokes are not my strong point

Not that my little blurb was that funny, but I’m a big Rodney fan and so many of his jokes are like that…I can just imagine being at one of his standups…
I tell ya my wife’s a bad cook.
Audience: How bad is she?
She’s so bad our dog begs for alka selter.
…in our house the flies took up a collection to fix the screen door.
…my steak still has marks where the jockey was hitting it.
…I don’t think toast is supposed to have bones.

and on and on :slight_smile: