Chappelle The Closer

So, I watched the “controversial” Netflix special. I put that in quotes because I think they were just jokes. He starts out making jokes about white people, and never stops, but somehow, there aren’t white people standing outside Netflix protesting. He does what he has done in other standups I’ve seen him in, he reviews events, comments on them.

Specifically, there was an article about him 16 years ago, before we all had lessons on what pronouns to use. He was misquoted, according to him. Then he has more stories about people coming up to him in public and quoting that article. He wants to clean this up. He finishes the routine saying that’s what he wants. If I hadn’t watched it, I wouldn’t know that. No LGBTQ leader is saying, “no, we don’t want to talk, we just want him to to stop”. But, stop what, it’s not clear.

I could go on, but that’s enough unpopular opinion for now.