I read the article.

Where does it mention a “holographic reality”, enslavement of people who live on skid-row, lasers, other dimensions, being made of plastic or resin, moving other material in it’s vicinity, or anything else you talk about?

It literally says that in the first paragraph.

Here is the first paragraph of the article I read:

"Time crystals exhibit a periodic structure across time and promise to provide valuable insight into quantum systems. Up until recently, this exotic state of matter was thought to exist in the theoretical realm only. Some physicists have gone as far as claiming they’re impossible to reproduce in the real world. But a group from Harvard University defied the impossible and showed how to build one. It turns out, you need to eventually give it a good wack.
I am unable to view the video here at work, so if you're referring to something there, I won't be able to comment on it.

I can comment on your statement that they are made of plastic or resin, however. The second paragraph of the article says, “Glass, wax, or plastics, on the other hand, have no period structure whatsoever — they’re called amorphous solids.” So you are certainly wrong on that count.

??? Do you guys read things backwards? That’s to say that they must be made of a freeflowing amorphous solid thay doesnt display regular lattice behavior.

The hologram is referring to the light inside the marble.

Why is amorphous structure important significant?

Saw the video and it just looks like a marble rolling differently on the surface. No time crystals, nothing special, just random acts of physics. I did an elementary school project on it.

The Princeton Article on it:

So marbles can reverse their direction and vectors and alter their paths? Maybe.

It’s more like marbles can veer in different ways based on terrain due to being spheres.

I considered this and have a monoplanar table to test this. However, complete reversal is impossible.

As i mentioned, i will gladly send these things to anyone interested.

I think you just want attention and to feel important.

Now we know what you think. Unfortunately you’re wrong. I’m quite bored with all of your brainless conversations. I’ll take this to university where people actually have brains.

Your comment just confirms it.

“Going to a university” is what suggested in my second post.

Anyway, you’ll read about it. I’ve begun reaching out to ABC in LA. It’s no laughing matter. The crystals themselves are like phase changers. ThebYAG laser is what’s ENSLAVING people. I literally have seen and photographed the lasers, crystals, beam splitters, collectors, gratings. All evidence points to this being an inteferometer.


Having your results published is exactly what I would encourage you to do and exactly what would convince me. There’s no point in bragging about it.

I dont brag and get off my back about it. The deal is having the situation investigated. It’s not a laughing matter that theres a scalar interferometer here. Anyway…salud

It’s hard to tell emotions in writing, but why come here, say you want answers, then not accept the answers you get, then say you know what you’re talking about?