Sounds like someone lost in their delusions.

Yiur answers are lame ass ridicule. I have other things to concern myself with right now. Your answers have only to deal with biased assumption and present no solutions as you have asked no questions.

Honestly, I’ll just rely on professional rather than skeptical opinions.

Relying on professionals is exactly what I said, but if I say it, it’s ridicule. You are the bizarest troll I’ve ever met.

And you are an old fuck sitting at a computer waiting to die. Fuck outta here.

Jack, you can’t just jump into a bunch of strangers in a forum based on thoughtful inquiry, ask bizarre questions, and expect to be handled with kid gloves.

Heck, you might be right, but your story is so lacking in consistent details or written in a way that makes the reader think you’re sane, that no one is willing to entertain your irrational conclusions.

Either give us more consistent evidence delivered in a calm and rational manner, or go to a pseudoscience forum and dump your story on them (that’s the only place I can imagine you’ll find people gullible enough to fall for what you’ve dumped on us.) It’s your choice.

You know you can’t harm me via the internet, right Jack?

Lol Lausten you should know very well that that isn’t the case. However ive no interest in harming you. You’re not that important to my plan.

Then let’s cut out the strong language then, huh? Okay? Okay.

Jack - keep up the good work key board warrior. While the world is crumpling around you, youre the saviour one click at a time. Champion