Dark Matter

Hi all,

I had a dream that I cracked the mystery of dark matter and that it was gravity squared! (F = Gm1m2/r2)2
Always been interested in knowing more about the mysteries of the universe! It’s just a shame I can’t come up with something as interesting and thoughtful in my waking life as in my dreams!
I’m interested to read other people’s thoughts and views who are far more advanced with their knowledge of the sciences than I am, so please say hello and share your thoughts!


I’m not a scientist, but I play one on the internet. Hope you’re not too old for that reference. I like studying things that don’t have solid answers, like dark matter, what is “science”, what was the “Enlightenment”, was Jesus an actual person. You know, non-controversial stuff. Great fun at parties.

Did the dream come out of nowhere, or where you thinking about the problem before hand?

Explain double slit shot test as it thinks?

We are quantum computers and the brain is the same as an quantum computer with electrons and atom’s in brain and quantum computers.

The frontal lobs are the upload as it’s a signal to the brain. The hidden receptors called the frontal lobs are taking an wavelength in 100%.

Spiritual is subconsciousness. Double Slit shot test has intelligence, as when we put an camera to record results, it goes crazy then thinks “Yes” thinks. It knows what we are thinking and thinks and can be at 2 places at once.

It’s proven not wave people’s…well from what I heard.

The double slit test is not as mysterious as people tend to think it is. The particles being fired at the slits are too small to detect “passively”. They don’t reflect light because they are smaller than any wavelength. That means that in order to detect the particle you have to exert a force on it. It is the act of exerting that force on the particle in order to locate it which causes the wave to collapse. I have confirmed this with an actual physicist I know. There is no magic involved. It has never been a great mystery to physicists, just the laymen who think they know something about physics but don’t.

T, I am no mastermind when it comes to physics. Widdershins seems to make good sense of those things.

Idk what the letters in your formula stand for.

I guess you mean F to stand for “Dark Matter”? I guess the G stands for Gravity? Is that right? What do the m’s and the r stand for? I guess m1 and m2 could stand for mass1 and mass 2?

Would you write the formula out?



I hadn’t even noticed the formula. It’s not “his formula”. It’s just the formula for calculating gravitational force. F is force, G is the gravitational constant, m1 and m2 are the 2 masses, r is the distance between them. Essentially he is saying that the mystery of dark matter is a formula that lets you calculate the gravitational force between two masses. It’s utter nonsense. You can’t do the calculation without 2 masses and a distance between them. You don’t have any masses or distance for dark matter, so this formula does not apply.

Ah, but playing T’s advocate, what about all of the masses of all of the objects in the universe having a certain total force of gravity that is equal (when squared) to the amount of all of the Dark Matter in the universe?

If you say that is also nonsense, I will believe you. I just want tania’s dream “discovery” to have an objective response.


It’s certainly possible. But you can’t calculate it with that formula because you’re missing most of the variables.


Full disclosure, by the way, I Googled that formula. I didn’t pull it out of my own head. Like my wife, I don’t want you to have too high of expectations of my abilities.

Like my wife, I don’t want you to have too high of expectations of my abilities.
Don't be so modest, I'm sure you more than meet her expectations, you manly guy, you.