Hello CFI Forum!
I’m currently living in the capital region of New York state. I’ve been a regular reader of Free Inquiry and Skeptical Inquirer since the mid-'90’s.
I’m surprised at times at how much I still miss Paul Kurtz.
Anyway, the primary reason I’ve registered for the CFI forum has to do with some recent pieces on Philosophy, Secular Humanism and Naturalism in a series under the title The Fight For Our Philosophy. Although I have not read the current issue of FI, the last issue had plenty to think about and I will be getting to the current essays soon.
There’s that and also just for discussion on the wide range of issues confronting skepticism, atheism, secular humanism, science…
I haven’t notice a subsection for discussion on FI articles. I suppose the philosophy section would be a good place to start? Perhaps science?
See you around the forum.

sounds good. Please don’t judge us on recent posts only. We have some good discussions here

I subscribed to Free Inquiry through most of the 90s, and they had some great articles, but I let my subscription lapse because it seemed to me they were just saying the same things over and over. It would be nice to hear if there’s anything new; I might even be talked into renewing again.