Hi all

Hi all.

My name is Luke and I’m in Albany, NY (USA). I’ve been an on again, off again, subscriber to Skeptical Inquirer and Free Inquiry over the past 25 years or so. For awhile now I’ve been buying the current issues at Barnes & Noble. The first issue of SI I read was given to me by a friend around 1992. I’ll never forget the reaction the magazine got at my work place at the time, it was equal parts dismay and disgust. Odd reactions to stories on crop circles I thought. I started subscribing when I walked into the Friar Tuck bookstore and saw the full size Jan. 1995 issue. Soon after I was subscribing to Free Inquiry and Skeptic. I was fortunate enough to have attended an appearance of Paul Kurtz at the Capital District Humanist Society.

“I am a skeptic”


Welcome Luke. Hopefully activity picks up as people get their logins worked out and rediscover the forum.

Agreed Lausten. Welcome Luke hope you have some sharing to do. Anything exciting happening up in Albany these days?


Welcome Luke. Glad to have you here. I agree, both magazines are great and I don’t know how anyone could be disgusted by the articles.

I don’t know how anyone could be disgusted by the articles.
But we'd be happy to discuss it.


{what no smilies anymore either :- ( }