terminology for spreading “naturalism" or “scientism" or the “Bright" movement

I would like to further the Bright movement, but we need better terminology. “Bright" will never achieve the success that “gay" achieved.
I have drafted an essay about what terminology we should use for spreading the new worldview that has been called “naturalism" or “scientism" or the “Bright" movement.
If you would like to criticize the essay before it is published, I would welcome your input. Send me a private e-mail and I will send it to you as a private e-mail attachment.

Jeff we have a rule against posting the same thing more than once on the forum. I have deleted two other, substantially identical posts from you. Additionally, this forum is for open discussion and inquiry rather than soliciting private conversations. Thanks.

I’m not interested. I thought the whole “Bright” thing was was a supercileous, enlarged ego concept. And, I don’t think we need anyone to try to come up with some “clever” name to try to lump a wide variety of non-believers and humanists into one set.